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Concert Review: Langhorne Slim at Club Europa – Brooklyn, NY – August 31, 2007

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Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles headlined at Club Europa playing what is referred to as a "proper" set on Friday night. They warmed the crowd at the packed venue then they stole their hearts. The love was palatable and the lively commotion delirious. Tearing it up with high energy hillbilly, rock, folk flare, and playing songs like, "Honey Pie," "And It's True," "In The Midnight," and "Hello Sunshine." In between the lively stomping numbers, Langhorne played solo acoustic ballads, revealing his tender side.

The threesome of guitar and vocals (Langhorne), stand up bass (Paul Defiglio), and drums (Malachi DeLorenzo) became a foursome with Sam Kassirer on a Rhodes piano. Kassirer rounded out the sound and stylistically he was right on queue. What sets Langhorne Slim apart from other groups is their great musicianship and affable camaraderie. They are a brotherhood of soul, grit, hard work, and passion. They bring that ethic every show.

Complimenting the raucous music is Slim's phenomenal showmanship, which stirred the crowd to enthusiastically stomp, shake, and smile. The last three songs were a bonus and part of an impromptu encore that he started with a request to turn on the disco lights, which hung like artifacts from another era. The mood was established and as the song progressed members of the audience joined him on stage. Ending the set with the crowd pleaser "I love to Dance," he said he should retire that song. The ravenous crowd were pleased he didn't.

Langhorne Slims' shows are always great, but headlining makes a difference. It is not too often that I see that kind of enthusiasm for music or have a night out that is so memorable.

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  • Nigel Regan

    Totally agree. I just saw them twice in Bermuda and they blew me away. I just got the new Devendra Banhart and Iron & Wine releases today and they feel like such a let down compared to this band. Can’t wait to see them again.