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Concert Review: Kubb Play Cardiff Barfly

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Say what you will about the dearth of…well, anything out of me in the last six months. I have some plausible excuses. I’m now a graduate student so I spend all my time in the library trying to understand things written by people smarter than I am. I moved overseas to go to graduate school and moving is a pain in the ass. My musical dry spell has ended, however. I finally managed to leave the house and catch a live show.

The band Kubb played Cardiff Barfly on Saturday December 3rd and I was there, wedged behind a very bouncy and overly excited fan. They are a four-piece made up of Harry Collier (singer and bassist), Dom Smith (drums), John Tilley (keyboard) and Adj (guitar). They sounded a little like U2 and a little like Radiohead.

As a whole, they harmonized well and they sounded lovely, no clunking notes or poor tuning. They sound like they’ve been playing together for years. However, I didn’t leave the show humming any of their songs and I wouldn’t be able to pick anything out if you played it for me. In short, they sounded nice and I wouldn’t turn them off but I wasn’t so impressed that I would run out and buy the CD. You can check them out on their website their website or myspace.com

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