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Concert Review: Joe Bonamassa Band At The Railhead

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Date: June 9, 2005
Artist: Joe Bonamassa Band
Venue: The Railhead, Boulder Station Casino

There was much anticipation leading up to this show. I’d been waiting since January to see the guys take the stage again and I wasn’t disappointed.

Joe walked onto the stage alone. He let loose with a dynamite version of Woke Up Dreamin’ that stunned the crowd. When he was done, the response was deafening – the kind usually reserved for the end of a show. When Eric Czar and Kenny Kramme joined Joe on stage, the crowd cheered and applauded even louder.

The band launched into Takin’ The Hit followed by You Upset Me, Baby. Joe’s vocals were superb and the band was as tight as ever. They were having a great time, playing off each other. Eric got his lighter out and saluted Joe during his solos. Several times, Joe climbed up to hang with Kenny. Eric joined in. Everyone was grinning and feeding off each other’s energy – where that energy came from, I don’t know. The band’s been on the road practically non-stop since the end of April. Still, you wouldn’t know it by the way they played.

Mountain Time was incredible, as it always is. The addition of A New Day Yesterday was a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition. When the band played I Don’t Live Anywhere I about fell out of my chair. The song is fantastic on CD, but oh-so-much-better when performed live. I got a serious case of the chills listening to Joe belt out the tune.

With the recent change in the setlist, the Joe Bonamassa Band mixes it up and gives the audience a taste of each CD, old and new blending beautifully. The Railhead is also the perfect place to showcase the talents of each of these amazing musicians. The sound and the lighting accentuate their performance, leaving nothing to be desired. Except another encore, that is.

All that anticipation prior to the show was greatly rewarded. That night, every note was absolute perfection. I don’t recall the band ever sounding better. Electric, energetic, mesmerizing, and sheer balls-to-the-wall, good old-fashioned blues rock at its best.

Now the band is off to Europe again, those of us in the States will simply have to hold our collective breath and breathe a big sigh of relief upon their return. I’m counting the days until I see them again in August.

If you’re curious about what Joe’s like live, check out the A New Day Yesterday LIVE CD.

Photos of the show can be found here.

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  • HW Saxton

    Joan, Did you go see Magic Slim a couple
    of weeks back when he was there? I was
    at the second show that night. I live in
    LV* too.I missed Joe but I go there just
    about every thursday if I’m not working.

    Glad you enjoyed the show.I’ve seen some
    great ones there: Long John Hunter, Lil’
    Ed & The Blues Imperials, Magic Slim (3
    times),Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang & many
    others. Later, homegirl.

    * Desert Shores – Lake Mead & Buffalo.
    In the near vicinity of there, that is.

  • Nice review and pictures. I can’t wait to finally see Joe in person. I have only seen him on the “A New Day Yesterday Live” bonus DVD that used to come with the “So, It’s Like That” CD. Not sure if it still does. His performance on that DVD blew me away. He is certainly at the top of the younger generation of blues rock guitarists.