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Concert Review: Crystal Castles with Rusko, Proxy and Sinden – Fox Theater, Oakland, CA August 6, 2010

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I’m sorry to report that no fans got punched by Alice Glass. But, happily, they finished their whole set. The charismatic tornado that is Glass sucked everyone in close to the stage for a fiery show. At the beginning, things didn’t seem so hot. Opener DJ Sinden missed his flight from London. A group of college students standing in line sounded bummed.

The backup DJ packed an electro sound blended with hip-hop and Middle-Eastern influences. Unfortunately, the bass dropped out as he started playing. After a while of sounding like a bad car commercial, the problem was solved. He ended up satisfying the clubbers who wanted to dance no matter who was onstage.

With an electronic music organizer called the HARD Music Festival, you’d expect a bunch of ravers hanging out. They were mostly absent. Some people wore interesting headgear. One guy bet his furry, wide-brimmed hat would work magic on the ladies. Another guy wore a captain’s hat hoping to reel them in with a financial security lure.

Proxy played immediately after. The crowd appreciated this skinny, mop-topped Russian who inserted video-game sound effects into techno. He got the crowd dancing pretty hard. They cheered loudly when he finished. For more proof, a blond girl in a green dress desperately asked for some water from my water bottle.

Electro-punks Crystal Castles followed Proxy throwing everyone off since they were supposedly headlining. A bit of rushing ensued to catch a glimpse of Alice Glass and Ethan Kath. The crowd got all the danger, sex and violence it wanted out of a vodka-chugging Glass. I’m sure most attendees didn’t know The Fox used to show movies. Nevertheless, Glass smoking cigarettes in pitch blackness got a few nervous glances. As I’m writing this, you can be sure that she didn’t flick her ashes on anything flammable.

Security tried to minimize Glass’s rampage. A roadie sat onstage to pick up the cymbals and whatever else she decided to throw around stage. But they couldn’t prevent her from leaping into an alcove on one of the stage’s support pillars and spinning around a fake lamppost.

As usual, she flew belly first onto the crowd repeatedly during the set. Fans raised their hands, lifting her up. For one quick moment, she managed to stand straight up gazing upon them like a hungry demon. Then an excited someone let loose a big trail of bottled water splashing Glass.

Crystal Castles split the set list equally between both self-titled albums. Songs like “Reckless” and “Alice Practice” had people jumping up real high. They also played some rare songs like “Insectica.” During the night, neither Kath nor Glass said much to the crowd. Glass swore once at those in the back for crossing their arms. The audience was content dancing to songs like “Crimewave,” however.

After the last song, Glass stormed off, throwing her microphone to the ground. Crystal Castles didn’t play an encore. The house lights stayed off confusing many about whether the show was over or not. Many left, but a good amount stayed for Rusko who finished the night off playing some hip-hop-influenced electro. 


Big thanks to the OWL Magazine for the photograph.

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  • kiwi kev

    read this review just for what you had to say about rusko, ended up being one sentence. Hip hop influenced electro? He definitely would have been playing dubstep

  • abbon

    there were a ton of ravers there.. the scantily clad prostetots we everywhere