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Concert Review: Counting Crows, Live, & Collective Soul at the Classic Park Stadium in Eastlake, OH – 7/24/2007

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It turned out to be the perfect Tuesday evening for a concert featuring three rock bands from the 90s. On the way to see the Triple Play Series featuring the Counting Crows, Live, and Collective Soul at Classic Park stadium in Eastlake, OH, the rain threatened to ruin the evening but quickly subsided by the time I parked the vehicle.

As I walked through the parking lot to the overpass bridge my wife overheard a scalper state that the tickets were now buy one get one free. In my head I was agitated because I dropped $50 a ticket to see 3 bands that I used to adore when I was in high school. The ticket prices were dropped in an attempt to get more last minute fans to attend. Spending the extra dough did not matter though. My wife loves the Counting Crows and that was the whole reason I was there; to treat her and myself to a nice evening of music.

Collective Soul started the show with the sun shining and clearing skies. They sounded great and the crowd approved of such hits as “The World I Know“ and “December“. They really have not seemed to have lost their touch, the music was on point and the vocals seemed as strong as ever. They announced they were working on new material and I witnessed a couple fans twitch in excitement. Where as I am not a huge fan of the band I did enjoy their performance and soon it was over as they waved to their fans while exiting the stage. What I did not think was nice was the time they took the stage, 6:30 pm. The sun was still shining by the time their set list was complete.

Next up was Live. The York, Pennsylvania band took to the stage to the adoring fans most of which were introduced to them in the 90s. “I Alone” and “Lightning Crashes” seemed to bring the most out of the fans. Moms and Dads who used to rock out to them before they got married and had a mortgage threw their fists in the air showing their approval throughout the set. Live sounded fine until they covered Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line”. I really wish they would not have done that. It was a nice thought to cover such a song, but I feel as if they butchered the hell out of it. The fans did not seem to mind though, but I think that is because 80% of them had a few too many in them.

Academy Award winning Counting Crows emerged and the fans went wild. Adam Duritz and crew blew through some classic songs including “Long December” and “Mr. Jones “. Fans were told that a deluxe edition of August And Everything After would be released with b-side and a live CD this summer. Fans were also treated to a new song “Washington Square” that had not performed live yet and the attendees at Classic Park were the fist to hear it. I am looking forward to that album now after hearing the song. Their new CD is slated to be released in November.

Upon the end of the performance Adam Duritz thanked the fans and also Collective Soul and Live for joining them on their stadium tour. He admitted that they enjoyed touring with them and were having a great time. Adam Duritz also said that the Counting Crows were back and the fans would be seeing a lot more of them this year.

The show may not have been sold out by any means but it was a night to remember. There were open seats all along the stadium and the standing area was just not that crowded but the three bands still gave it their all. It was nice to see the families with their kids attend the concert thanks to the 12 and under free offer. I also got a kick out of the college kids and middle aged fans that were pounding down drinks like it was their job until they started walking almost sideways. It was a good night thanks to the popular bands of the 90s… and alcoholic beverages.

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  • I agree. That cover of “I Walk The Line” by Live is terrible. They should have stayed away from that altogether. Glad to hear that Live puts on a great show. Would still like to see them in person.

  • Kellie in Maine

    I attended the same concert but in Manchester New Hampshire on August 17th. I thought all 3 bands were awesome! The stadium was packed, my friends and I were right in front of the stage! I thought they could have done without singing I Walk The Line as well, it was horrible, but as you said noone seemed to mind, everyone was feeling pretty good at this concert as well! I thought Live were the best performers that night. I love all 3 bands though.