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Concert Review: Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics Tour

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Christina Aguilera has always been known as the tiny girl with the big voice. She's been hearing that all her life. In a way her voice has been what has set her apart from her peers, yet at the same time it's also been a point of criticism for people who claim she over sings. When compared to her arch rival Britney Spears, many people often say Christina has the voice while Britney has the stage presence. However, after Friday night's sold out concert at Madison Square Garden, it's clear to anyone with five senses that comparison is null and void.

Spears' stage presence relies on her elaborate sets, costumes, crisp dance numbers — glitz and glamor. Though Christina's show uses all those same elements as well, Aguilera's stage presence is wrapped up in something she has all on her own: sheer diva. When the lights dropped, those opening notes played, and Christina appeared on the stage in a tight white suit with a pulled down hat and wailed that signature "Heeeeey!", the crowd went berserk. She threw a white scarf off her shoulder and left no doubt about it — she is the diva ethereal.

From her nostalgic yet hip rendition of "Back in the Day," which pays tribute to soul legends like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Lady Day, to the dripping wet with attitude "Slow Down Baby," to the sultry and soulful ballad "Understand," Christina pulls out show stoppers right and left — showing opening act Danity Kane the real meaning of the word. Based on their performances Friday night, they clearly have not yet looked it up in the dictionary.

Whipping out those trademark chaps, she titillated us with the sexy and funky Still "Dirrty" and took us to church on "Makes Me Wanna Pray." Decked out in a sparkly ruby red number drenched in sequins, she sparked a fire in the crowd with a hit from her second album "Stripped" and when she sang a snippet from the female empowerment anthem "Can't Hold Us Down" — which honestly, judging from the crowd reaction she should have sang full out.

Aguilera took us to the circus in the later part of the show, full with her dancers walking on stilts, tossing around fire, and swinging from trapeze. She even pulled a male volunteer from the audience (though judging from the look on his face through the entire thing, it looked pretty involuntary to me) to punish during the raunchy burlesque number "Nasty Naughty Boy." As racy as it was, full with phallic symbols, sexual innuendos, and whips, nothing could've shocked the many elderly people I saw at the venue like the three and half minutes of masturbatory goodness that was "I Got Trouble." 

While she and her dancers readied the next number backstage, a video played of her spreading her legs, writhing around on a bed, and touching herself provocatively — something that seemed to make even her younger fans somewhat uncomfortable if they could figure out what was going on.  But what must you expect when coming to a Christina Aguilera concert?  You want nice?  Go to Las Vegas and see Celine Dion belt out "My Heart Will Go On."  When you shell out $100 to see the love child of Mariah Carey and Madonna, you're in for something naughty.

Quite possibly one of the gayest displays I've ever seen on stage was her performance of the Moulin Rouge-inspired "Lady Marmalade" — which at this point, the other three girls on the track should not even bother attempting it ever again — the song belongs to Aguilera.  There were transvestites, there were feather boas and gloves, there was make-up, it was a gay old time.  And in true Aguilera fashion, she sang the hell out of it.

Emerging from below the stage atop a carousel-esque horse and latched onto the pole, she did an electrifying version of her hit "Dirrty" which defined her entire Stripped era.  Surprisingly, she managed to perform the song without making me want to grab her and start running some bath water.  "Candyman," her current single and another of the audience favorites, got everyone up on their feet singing and dancing along, while her and her dancers sported sailor outfits moving to the "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" inspired tune.  When she hit the high note after the bridge the screams from the crowd were so loud I couldn't even hear the note anymore.

As in your face as the entire concert is, there are a few tender moments for those whose ears feel abused and battered.  There's an emotional rendition of "Oh Mother," a song she wrote in dedication to her mother for rescuing her and her sister from domestic abuse, and the epic ballad "Hurt," a rarity in today's music scene but she pulls it off with finesse.  One of the biggest highlights of the show was when she walked out onto the bare stage with a shirt and loosened tie and sang her signature hit "Beautiful."  The crowd sang along as they waved their cell phones in the air, and it is one of the few times during the concert that Aguilera stops, breathes, and gets a chance to interact and connect with the audience a bit. 

You can tell Aguilera fans love their self-empowerment songs — because as with "Can't Hold Us Down," and "Beautiful," her rabble-rousing performance of "Fighter" had entire arena in a craze.  Even the 60-something year old woman in front of me who came with her husband was punching her fist into the air and screaming the lyrics at the top of her lungs as her glasses shook with each punch.

There were a few low points however, in an otherwise great concert. She revisited a few of her old hits from her debut album, "What A Girl Wants" and "Come On Over Baby," and I'm sorry to say — butchered them both.  I understand the desire to do a new spin on the songs — especially when your current album is retro-inspired, but both songs were barely even recognizable.  The only reason I could even figure out what she was singing was because I recognized the lyrics.  It was really bad.  So bad in fact — I'd encourage her to cut both of them from her set list immediately — or at least just sing them the way they are on the record.

A lot of credit needs to be given to Christina's dancers, who, though all sexy, look unconventional. Christina seems to have taken a cue from Madonna in picking dancers who stick out from the pack. Each and every one of them came out on the stage for every number and killed it. "Slow Down Baby" in particular is one where Christina is singing with just three male dancers with no set behind them, and just their energy and skill alone sells the performance.

The opening acts were Danity Kane and the Pussycat Dolls, one disappointed and the other left me pleasantly surprised.  Diddy's MTV made girl-group pretty much made a mess of all of their songs except their one hit, "Showstopper."  They weren't dancing together, the songs didn't transition well, the costumes were a mess, if they weren't good singers their set would've been a high school musical.  The Pussycat Dolls were much better.  Their dancing was on point, they had way more energy, their outfits were hot and sexy, and though most of the group members could've just phoned in their vocals, lead singer Nicole Sherzinger had pipes stronger than all five Danity Kane girls put together.

But none of them were a match for the mighty Aguilera, whose powerhouse vocals brought down the house, built it up, and brought it back down again.

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  • Jane

    Does this girl have any original bone? That’s just a rip off of Madonna’s 1993 tour and Confessions. Aguilera can’t even sing a song without belting/screeching that’s not singing. She screams the songs and the songs looses all meaning or it’s point to entertain. Then there’s the dancing. She can’t dance even if her life depends on it. All she can do is two step and the choreographer should be ashame for creating such pathetic dance moves. The back up dancers are sorry excuses for dancers. They should take lesson from the crew at Dance Life. Aguilera should take lesson from Britney, Madonna, Beyonce, J.lo and etc on stage presence and ideas. Oh wait, she’s already is mimicking their past routines. Sad!

  • Caroline

    Xtina’s singing, or should i say SCREAMING, is so damn annoyingggg. It’s not appealing at all. She screams the whole time and thinks it sounds good, but it honestly doesnt. Okay, we know you can sing, but please make a song thats more enjoyable and quit screaming all the time. On top of her lack of originality, she needs to wipe some of that Maybelline off her face… oh wait, i get it… her clown face is supposed to go with the whole circus theme. ahhhh!

  • A Concerned Citizen

    without belting/screeching that’s not singing. She screams the songs and the songs looses all meaning or it’s point to entertain?

    Okay, we know you can sing, but please make a song thats more enjoyable and quit screaming all the time

    Maybe it’s your own stylistic preferences and not her singing? Being a guy, and not involved as a fan of the genre either, I can tell you that Aguilera’s voice is 10x better than basically everyone else’s in the genre is.

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with belting or see how that style could make a song “lose it’s meaning”. If you look at many of the great classic rock artists, they had a fair share of belting.

    Expand your horizons.

  • joe

    about the review, nice. But once again I see lack of respect from those who say she screams..I’m not her fan but I do recognize she is powerful and a true artist, I get easily bored of those people who can’t do anything else to prove who they are, for that matter there is a universe of opionions so you may like her or hate her but that doesn’t give you right to give a destructive critic

  • joe

    By the way, did those who say she was screaming actually went to her concert or are you just guessing??? If you hate “oversinging” “screaming” and whatnot..then go to a High School Musical show, I am sure you’ll all be pleased jajajjaj

  • Jane

    Just because people think Christina Aguilera screams doesn’t mean it’s lack of respect it’s just the fact or more like an opinion. The reviewer of the concert act like she some great performer with stage presence when she’s just copying Madonna and barely does anything on stage.

    “Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with belting or see how that style could make a song “lose it’s meaning”. If you look at many of the great classic rock artists, they had a fair share of belting”

    They don’t belt every word or in Christina Aguilera case scream every word. Other singers sing with emotion and actually sing the words not scream it. All the screaming really does is shock the eardrums and annoy people.

  • Orlando

    I don’t get why people who have such disdain for Christina would bother wasting their time both reading and then commenting on her reviews. You don’t have anything better to do with your time than sit online and bash people you don’t even know?

  • arger.

    i saw the opening show in houston and i loved it. i wonder if the folks with the negative things to day did even see a show. if you did, why did you pay and go? and if you didn’t, how can you form an opinion? she is, obviously, inspired by madonna and takes from that influence. madonna does the same thing. madonna perfected it. taking influences, inspirations, and reintrepreting them to make them her own. is she a little more original in her reinterpretations? sure, it could probably be argued that she does. she did use the same music director as madonna. jamie king. or whatever his title would be. he does the choreography, i believe. i think she’s coming into her own as an artist and an entertainer. everything was on point. she didn’t dance like a janet or a britney, but she moved with them and moved well and energetically. also, she chooses to really sing as opposed to lip sync to do some choreography. she is even approaching her videos in a more mature way. really trying to make artistic statements. ok i’m done with my rant.

  • Jade


    Christina needs to take lessons from NO ONE. She is the one with the voice, just because she may have the horse thing doesn’t make her copied. Anyway – who HASN’T copied Madonna? Go figure before you say someone isn’t original.

  • Julie

    Christina Aguilera has disappointed fans by reportedly lip-syncing at a gig on Friday night.

    The Beautiful star encountered undisclosed technical problems at the concert in Madison Square Garden, New York City, prompting the audience to speculate the star was miming during the entire set.

  • Jennifer

    Christina will NEVER be in the league of Madonna OR Mariah. She doesnt even come close to comparing with the originals. She can imitate but never duplicate.

  • jade

    Ok Madonna can’t really sing really all she is famous for is changing her look mariah carey only singd high notes that really not that amazing. Christina is so much better than those two and a loy of others

  • joe

    @JANE-well that’s your point of view..so i don’t care about it as you don’t care of mine..I think there are different points of view and perception of things so for you she screams and for me she sings..say no more

  • bianca

    xtina is simply the best ever!!!

  • rosa

    christina is wonderful.. better yet TALENTED!!! how can anyone compare her to Baldy Spears, SHE CANNOT SING!!!!! every concert she has ever had was lip-synched. I like talent, christina has it, no one can say ahe cannot sing give the girl her props and respect her gift, she is better than madonna and i love madonna, mariah, not in the same category. stop hating people!

  • Candace

    Xtina busted for lip synching…. too freaking funny!!! hahahaha

  • “Xtina busted for lip synching…. too freaking funny!!! hahahaha”

    No, what’s funnier is the same person posting under different names with the same IP number. The same person who hates Christina, yet is so fascinated with her that she can’t keep away from articles about her. Not only funny, but also sad and pathetic.

    Christina lip synchs about 3.5 songs in the total hour and half show. And the rest of the songs that she sings live, she sings full out. She’s not the only person with a vocally demanding show that lips a portion of their show to preserve their voices. Celine Dion does it in her Vegas show, and Mariah Carey lipped nearly all of her most recent tour, and has been lip synching notes and performances on television for years.

    The only thing wrong is that years ago Christina criticized others at the VMAs for lip synching, when her, Madonna, and Mary J. Blige were singing live.

    But seeing as how you’re not a fan, don’t like her music, and don’t like her voice, I fail to see how any of this affects you since you’re not shelling out music to go to any of her concerts. Yet still, you waste your time.

  • Daveyd

    I agree, all artist have to lip-sync some of their tracks during concerts, especially if they are continuous the following 2 days etc… Christina does not scream, thats how she projects her voice to the song, this is how she is, hate or love it, i love it!!, and she was given singing lessons from Linda Perry, she showed Christina how to make her voice come out like that too!! Christina had no idea until she did the ‘Stripped’ album. Does that mean Pink screams too, or is that because she is in the rock catergory? Maybe thats where Christina should go for her next album..lol

  • Marcus

    I don’t know why people are talking bad about Christina. She is one of the best female artists there are. She has the voice of an angel and she can sing so well. She moves around on stage a lot and she dosen’t scream….she hits the high notes better than probably anybody that sings or is bashing her on this blog

  • Kris

    People, please.. she sings beautifully … let her develop her own style.. .i lvoe it!!

  • Don’t Be Jealous

    Christina Aguilera is my favorite female singer…I’m going to her concert in April,I can hardly wait and by the way she can sing, and for you who say she can’t I bet you couldn’t do any better…<3

  • sherwin

    fuck you all who said christina screams every song she does! if that’s what you think, you dnt know anything about music.. get lost!!!

  • Monica

    Christina screams and she sucks – to top that off, she ugly as a mofo… deal with it!

  • cheryn baster

    christina u are 1 in million.u lot who slate her are soooooo jelous,look wot she has bin through an u r still comparin her.she does not scream her voice is so amazin her music is all i listen 2 ugo girl iluv ya.

  • Kelly

    ok everyone here is sooooo dumb maddona is how old??????? she says i feel better now than i did when i was 20…..bull shit she wants to be 20. I agreee that mariah is a good singer but not better than christina. Christina is the best singer out there. Mariah needs to retire….NOW!!

  • kelly

    oops in my comment up there i mean maddona needs to retire sry.

  • Lizzy

    Gee. Take a lesson from Britney, Madonna, Beyonce, J.lo and etc? With the exception of Madonna who actually has the sense of switching up in the last couple of decades she’s been singing/performing, the rest of them sound, look, and perform the way they sounded, looked, and performed when they first started. It kinda seems people are bashing Christina, not because they’re really critiquing her, but because they’re all Britney fans and want to hold on to this “feud” that’s supposedly going on between the two stars. If the case were different, I don’t really think they’d care to read reviews and leave nasty comments.

  • Cameron

    Ok, lets just get this straight.

    Whether you love or hate Christina, everyone knows she can sing.

    Don’t even try & bring up the arguement that she can’t sing.

    I don’t like Mariah Carey but i know she has an amazing voice & i’m not ever gona argue against that.

    And for those of you that say she can’t dance, she’s not there to dance, she’s there to sing. [Edited]

    And another point, all you people that are critising Christina … why are you even watching her ??

    Why don’t you go on to some other internt site & watch an artist you actually like.


  • Clara

    Stop hating on christina! Why do people feel like they can judge others when they can’t sing lick? I LOVE CHRISTINA. END OF FREAKING STORY.

  • mw

    Screaming? – Nonsense. Christina has the best voice in the business. Her range, and exactness of notes is unmatched by anyone. 🙂

  • toni r

    stop hating! I am not a christina fan but however…. she has a good voice. not great! she does scream all the time. I would like to hear a few different notes come out of her mouth occasionally. she is very pretty and built like a brick s*** house, so dont hate!!

  • ted

    I’m not a fan. She thinks she can sing much better than she actually can. I don’t know what her obsession is with the 1940’s, but there is a reason we don’t hear that music anymore…..cause no one wants to hear it.

  • ted

    Plus I heard she sh!t her a$$ on stage. Any truth to that?

  • 3rdworldhustla

    Have you ever thought that a persons voice can wear out from time to time with sudden weather and climate changes…It may have been between lip-sync adn cancellation

  • Demian

    You all Madonna fans know that Madonna’s just a bitch with a little of imagination. She can’t sing, she can’t act she can’t dance she just did her career in base of sex. That’s the only thing she can sell. If at least she had some talent, she would be respectable. Aaaaaaand as you know all that you’re just jealous of Christina, cause she got real talent. Period…

  • trip zzz

    She sh!t her a$$.

  • trip zzz

    She has to lip-sync cause she crapped her pants. Candyman might be the worst song I’ve ever heard. I heard she tried to perform it right after she sh!t her a$$.

  • trip zzz

    Name one popular song she has where she isn’t talking about f#cking a guy or sucking off a guy. Poppin her cherry, droppin her panties, talking about guys with big c0cks, yeah, they sang like that alot in th 40’s. She is a skank.

  • I can’t believe what I just read. Are there that many negative, sour-minded, and hate-filled people out there? GET A LIFE, DEADBEATS!!! If you can’t think of anything good to say about two of the brightest entertainers in the business, Christina Aguilera and Madonna, why not try and write about someone you can praise.
    Christina puts on a great show, so I hope she stays around as long as Madonna, whose audiences have been walking away with a happy feeling for over two decades. As far as Madonna being copied by Christina, why not? She does a good job of it, and who better to emulate than the Queen of sex on stage? Also, anyone not aroused by the performance of either of these two probably has sexual repression issues, and that’s more serious than their grumpy attitude.

  • xtinas number one fan

    christina is one of the best singers in the world. she doesnt screm gosh what do u pepole think u are talking about screming is what they do in rock bands shes just rasing her vosie. if you dont like singers rasing there vosie then u mustnt like fergie because she rasied her vosie in the song shut up or amy-lee who we all know is knowen for her powerful vosie and thats all that xtina has is a powerful vose and most of all shes a powerful women who stands up for what she belives in

  • jess

    um excuse me, anybody who thinks christina screams is pretty pathetic, christina has the most amazing voice on this earth. no 1 could even come close to her grace. so if u think that u could match up to her, then f**kin try! goodluck

    oh and she is definatley not a slut or skank.
    she is beautiful and the most amazing woman on this planet. and if u think im wrong, im willing to fight over it, so call me.

  • jane doe

    it really pisses off the haters to see christina doing so well and baldy looking like a pathetic retard still clinging to the lollita image.

    britney just comes off pathetic.
    maddona gave britney the kiss of DEATH

    CHRISTINA SOLD OUT vegas,choke on it haters!!!

    and thats a high honor ..prince gives her props

  • jane doe
  • Amy

    well shes the one worth 60mil with her belting or screeching voice. so its got to say something abt it, theres an overweigh of people wholike her then dislike how she sings and how she performs.

  • danity kane’s #1 fan

    i am very upset at this review for only one reason! how dare you insult danity kane? this is their first tour! they are still learning! next time think before you write! i went to both shows in NY just to see danity kane.. i had floor seats both times! and gess wat PCD AND CHRISTINA both were lip-synching!! was danity kane? NO! because danity kane is the ONLY girl group that can SING and DANCE and what u said was wrong! I am very hurt! have u ever met them? NO!! i have! they are the sweetest girls on this planet!!! they are so dedicated and they love their fans! so next time please re-check urself! and fyi nicole can NOT sing 4 her life! now if u put ANY and i mean ANY girl in danity kane up against nicole vocally .. ull see how rong u are!

  • Captain Tsubasa

    Christina Aguilera is the only pop star for whom I’d take a break from Alternative as a refresher. I never did like her at the start till I saw her Stripped Live Tour at Wimbley.
    She is the only pop star among her contemperories that knows wht live music is all about. I once viewed Britney Spears Live from Las Vagas, and I must say that it was a horror show next to Christina’s Stripped tour.
    And yeah, it seems like just one chap with different names that posts multiple bad posts about Christina without even knowing the facts, since he’s still loyal to Poor Britney (who should have been one of the stupid girls depicted in Pinks songs). If I’m not mistaken, this loser goes around the internet trying to throw mud at every Christina forum , Including Amazon reviews.
    Christina will be dominating the pop industry for decades longer than some teeny bopper pop diva fans out there would want her to, so I’m sure she has gotten used to laugh off at such candy assed winging.

  • Matty

    I have personally seen the concert and well i think its the best concert i have ever been to…Yes we all know britney, beyonce madonna can dance etc…But Christina can dance…lets face it…If you put all the stars in one room and listened to the voice…you would say Christina Rocks…Now stop dissin her ppl…You wastin your own time..Shes ace and well if she was rubbish she wouldnt be doing as well ash she is so fuck you all! Christina rocks and she is the best in the worl!

  • candyman

    christina aguilera has 6 grammy awards including the ones she won for the latin grammys..I think she wouldnt be recieving such awards if shes not a great performer. she recieved standing ovation in the grammys twice for lady marmalade and its a mans mans mans world. I think thats already enough to consider her as a great artist compared to her other rivals. whatever nasty things u say about her,, she’s here to stay,, she’s not going anywhere..and she doesnt give a shit and a fcuk to all her negative raves…so all u have to do is to just shut the fcuk up and live with it. coz u have no choice…or if ur that desperate to hate christina then go kill urself. end of discussion.

  • Mandy

    I saw Christina live, and for the people who haven’t yet seen her and are criticizing don’t deserve to at all. So what if she lip-syncs a few songs? For god’s sake, she has to sing about 15 songs, day after day. Her voice will strain if she doesn’t, just like Mariah’s has.

    It’s no doubt that Christina can sing. Just listen to 3:19 – 3:22 in Soar.

    I think it’s pathetic that the same haters keep coming back to see if there’s more bad news on Christina. It’s immature & childish, and they’re always saying she can’t sing. Seriously, can you haters sing?

    I highly doubt you’ll be as good as Xtina is.

  • Sawyer

    First of all… When you are a singer, sometimes you’re just gonna have to lip-sync! There isn’t an artist in the WORLD who hasn’t because they were sick or going hoarse or simply trying to preserve their their voice… So let that one go.

    Second of all… She does not scream, she has volume to her voice. Have you people ever listened to Etta James, Aretha Franklin, or Natalie Cole? Did THEY scream? No, they’re power houses. Just because she refuses to make herself sound like everyone else, doesn’t mean she can’t sing. And for her dancing, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, she doesn’t dance as much as Britney or J-Lo, but that’s not the focus of her concert… It’s her VOICE. The fact is, every artist in the world has modeled themselves after someone they idolized growing up, they just had to make sure not to BECOME them. And as for calling her “unoriginal”… THERE IS NO ORIGINALITY LEFT!! Everything has been DONE… The key is to take the ideas already out there and make them into your OWN, which Christina does spectacularly.

    Last of all, I agree with a few previous comments… If you’re not a fan, why are you keeping up with her? Do you realy feel so bad about yourself that you have to seek out others to criticize so that you can make yourself feel better? I think some people are jealous and hate it that they will never sound like her. Then there are the people who simply don’t like her genre of music and, in that case, won’t understand or like it.

    In a way, I am partial because I think Christina is a light in the dark when it comes to the music we have now days but I don’t always agree with her choices or some of the things she’s said in the past. The thing is, she’s human… The only difference is that her mistakes are in the public eye while ours aren’t. The point is, she is DEFINATELY a talented woman and it’s truly tragic that there are people who don’t know a real set of pipes when they her them.

  • Rogue

    If it weren’t for Madonna Christina would have no one to copy from.

    Saying she has taken ‘inspiration’ from Madonna is putting it mildly. It’s like she has studied her life and career and is now just ripping Madonna off.

  • Nicole

    i went to her toronto concer(back to basics)and it was amazing. that girl can sing! ive been a fan since her first album adn she hasnt let me down yet. i was so pumped at he rconcert i still get goosebumps thinking of it!it would be nice if there were mroe real singers out there

  • kitk kat

    reli dont even try and say she cant sing cos shes fucking amazing, how many singers can hold notes as long as hers in keep on singin my song and mercy on me and sound amazing nd look reli pretty like all the time. If you actually bothered to listen to her album you would hear her sing in different ways which shows she is way more talented than like madona and mariah who sing in the same way all the time. so reli shut up shes fit

  • Hectix

    I love Christina, just like I Love Madonna. They are two different artists! Just like both have strengths and weaknesses! They are just people!

    As a music major it is about time that we have someone like Christina Aguilera Making some music finally worth listening to instead of the hip hop/rap/crap Nonsense!!!!

    As for her music not being played! UM Yeah it is being played!

  • Xtina fan

    Christina is a hell of an artist…and you’re right..she doesn’t compare to Madonna and Mariah…because she’s better than them. She truly is the voice of this generation. She doesn’t scream, belt, or screech…Who the hell do you think she is?.Jessica Simpson?? Now THERE’s a girls who screams.

  • brooke jane

    apparently those who say that christina’s singin is bad is deaf..these people doesnt know what real music is..why the hell do u tink xtina wud stay in the industry if she sucks in the singing/performing part..

  • Hi, my friend bought me the Christina Aguilera Back to Basics Live and Down Under DVD and after finishing watching it about 10 minutes ago, I feel like commenting on it.

    I’m not really a fan or a hater, I do like some of her recordings. She has a good range, a really strong voice etc. but I am certain that some members of the audience’s ears were bleeding during this ‘performance’! I have a headache! Christina oversings? More like OVERKILLS.

    Having a great voice is one thing, but being a great performer is another. She is a good recording artist. As an entertainer and a live performer I was horrified! I didn’t know she could be so out of touch with the audience? In music/art/dance it is well known the concept of light and shade/contrast,/peaks and valleys. It’s what draws the audience in, and creates varying levels of tension in a piece. This concert had barely any light and shade, if not none at all. It made watching this unbearable. I flicked through about 10 of the songs – the only song 1 watched in it’s entirety was “Ain’t No Other Man” – only because it was the first song, otherwise I had no interest in that one either.

    In regards to the Britney versus Christina, they are two completey different performers/vocalists and as such have different strengths and weaknesses. They started off performing together so it is interesting to compare them.

    Christina, obviously has a better voice by TECHNICAL standards. This doesn’t make her live vocal performances enjoyable though. She has a better recording voice then Britney. Christina isn’t a good dancer. Britney is a very strong dancer. I feel like Britney is more believable as a performer. She has an appeal about her that Christina does not have (based on the days of Britney’s pre mental and emotional breakdown). She has the X-factor, Christina has the ‘Y?’-Factor.

    In place of charm, Christina’s aura comes off as tacky, conceited and as put on as her make up looked. I know Britney nowadays comes off as being wacky and a bit crazy, but in her heyday she was the it girl – Christina never was, even with a ‘better’ voice.

    This concert was just TOO much. Christina put too much effort solely into her voice – a considerable effort for someone of such small stature – but it kind of reminded me of that archetypal female character in horror movies or TV shows who gives a unbearably loud shriek for 1 minute and no one can bare to listen as they are deafened. It was hyperactive – I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t enjoy her voice – she doesn’t allow the audience to enjoy it. It was a complete shout-fest. The only thing enjoyable was the props and the stage effects. But that is completely unrelated to Ms. Aguilera herself. After watching this I suddenly feel like I could never listen to her again. 0/10

  • beyonce is the best!

    christina is good and she has got a great voice. she just needs to lay off the screeching coz it gets irritatin! BUT as 4 mariah carey and that hoe madonna they are shite. madonna cant sing 4 shit shes a slag! mariah carey has amzin songs! she just needs to dress more appropriate in her videos! and ‘danity kanes #1 fan’ no disrespect to u but erm Destinys Child absolutly destroy danity kane in everyfin! LETS ALL FACE IT BEYONCE IS THE BEST EVER!!! END OF!

  • Lauren

    For those that say she “screams”. You are lying. One who screams would be Kelly Clarkson or Fantasia. Christina Aguilera is a powerhouse and one of the best singers to walk on planet earth. She is quite possibly the best singer in the world right now and her stage pressence is phenominal.

  • Mode

    Christina Aguilera is better than Mariah Carey and Beyonce, as well as, Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson. Mariah sings in head voice and has bad control. Beyonce uses too much vibrato. Leona Lewis screeches worse than any singer and cannot control her notes. Jennifer Hudson lost it when she sang God Bless America. Just youtube that performance. That is distastrous. Amy Lee and Kelly Clarkson are not even worthy of being compared and Britney Spears sounds like a cat. She is an entertainer, but not an artist like Aguilera. She is also a huge has been. The only people Aguilera has competition with are Celine Dion, Patty LaBelle, Floor Jansen, Tarja Turunen, the old Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, Joss Stone, and Lauryn Hill.

  • Diddy

    Britney Spears is not more believable as a performer. She lipsyncs and is wt.

  • Just Me

    I like younger version of Chritina (Gene in the bottle) Christina has a very unique singing style but most of the time she’s really over singing with the high notes, don’t need for it. Mariah can easy hits high and even higher at any notes and anytime….but she won’t do that. This is a screaming contest. My only advice for her is to keep it to a limit with the unnessary high pitch with her songs. peace!

  • TakeItEasy

    I really think she’s amazing!!!!

    i watched the show and was truuuuly touching!!!! don’t know why but i reaaaaally enjoy her screaming )))))

  • Ashton

    Christina is probably the best singer in her generation. And one of the greatest artists of all time. she’s so good!

  • Kel

    CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS THE BEST FUCKIN’ SINGER OUT THERE IN THE WORLD!!! All of you have been saying that she only screams at her concerts you’re probably fuckin’ jealous you cant sing like Xtina [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor] If u think Christina only screams at her concerts. Then why the FUCK did u post something like that??? You’re all just jealous that Xtina has the best voice ever!!! Oh and BTW Britney Spears, J Lo and Mariah Carey can’t dance for fuckin’ shiT!!!! I went to this concert in Adelaide and let me fuckin’ tell u its the BEST ever live concert I’ve ever been too!!! Kris and Don’t be jealous I agree with you 100% Christina Aguilera has the besr fuckin voice ever!!

  • Alida

    Rip off of Madonna? Eh? Christina picked an era and did her own thing with it. She nor her music sound anything at all like Madonna. I love Madonna just as much as I love Christina, but anyone making comparisons and saying this show was a rip off just wants it to be a rip off. That’s a narrow minded call.
    Christina’s voice is amazing and far from screaming. It’s indeed belting but there’s nothing wrong with that. Her runs are amazing and for singers who aren’t insecure–it’s impressive and amazing to listen to. People who say she over sings are insecure about their own abilities and haven’t listening to anything but Christina’s singles. She is extremely versatile and very gifted.

  • James

    Freaking hilarious how just because she uses a horse she is copying Madonna, I bet they are Britney or Mariah stans who seem to ignore they indeed, copy Madonna style. They also love to keep coming with the “screaming” issue. Hello? That’s how soul singers use to do it, she’s one of the few female artists that gets inspired BESIDES Madonna, Janet, Michael, blah blah blah. That is called musical culture.

  • Chris

    Personally, I vastly prefer the new versions of WAGW and Genie to the originals.