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Concert Review: Bonnaroo 2009 – 06/12/2009 – Day 2

Wow, what a day today was at Bonnaroo. I almost do not know where to start. Actually I’ll start from the beginning as my day was a little delayed thanks to total randomness.

While driving in to the day lot at Bonnaroo I was first denied an exit on the freeway and had to figure out an alternate route for myself. I was not really worried about it but I just found it funny that the local police shut down the exit because there was too much traffic, which I need to add, was nowhere to be seen.

I made it to the country road that trails to the back end of the Bonnaroo farm ever so slowly thanks to a drug task force making random checks on vehicles. It appeared as if they were making an extra effort to search cars to prevent drugs, glass, and weapons from entering the grounds. While normally I would be okay with such procedures, today I was not because they asked me to pull my car over and proceeded to search every cavity in the car. They also told me to fess up to the drugs and weapons or else I would go to jail if they found any. I had nothing to hide. I let them do their job and went on my way a little disgruntled.

With the drug task force taking their time pulling apart my car we lost some time and I sadly missed the acoustic performance by Portugal The Man. I suppose worse things could have happened though but still it would have been nice to start the day as I had planned.

Making way to Centeroo, the sun seemed a little bit warmer on my skin. The forecast called for scattered storms but nothing like we had on the previous day. Everyone seemed to be up and going in Centeroo as it was at least two times fuller than the previous day. Making my way through the herds of attendees I started my day.

I made a brief stop at That Tent to check out the Dirty Projectors. The male/female combo really did not have a classified sound as some songs seemed indie while others were almost noise. Later in the day I found out that David Byrne curated That Tent from noon till eight o’clock in the evening.

I managed to catch the end of Gomez’s set at the Which Stage where thousands of people had gathered to see the popular band. I kind of wish I could have seen more songs by them but with so many bands playing on so many stages, sometimes you have to sacrifice some sets.

After making a lap around Centeroo to check out the random vendors I found myself back at the Which Stage to check out Animal Collective. I had heard of this band before and wanted to see what the talk was all about. Sadly it was not the type of music I was looking for and took off after a couple of rather experimental indie tracks blasted through my ears.

As I was searching for the next artist to check out I passed the Troo Music Stage where I heard a fun country steel-guitar-playing Earl Watson do his thing. While he and his band played, people with Budweiser were throwing out ice-water-soaked towels to people in the crowd. I wasted no time in catching one and threw it around my overheated neck.

Having some time to kill before some more acts played at various stages, my friend and I made way over to the main stage, the What Stage, where we discovered a small hidden tent also known as the Café Where tent. It just so happened at the time we walked past the tent a act called Belleville Outfit was playing. This band was one of those bands I made a note to check out when I get back home. I loved the cabaret, jazz, and even folk sounds they unleashed.

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  • El Bicho

    Sorry to hear the cops hassled you. No doubt their hard work is keeping Bonnaroo drug free. What jackasses.

    Good to see you paid some respect to Reverend Al.

    PE did the same thing at Coachella.

    Looking forward to Day Three.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Check D and Favor Flav announced that they would be playing their 1988 classic It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back in its entirety.


  • Glen Boyd

    Don’t miss Bruce Brian. The setlists have gotten much better in Europe…he played “fade away” a couple of nights ago for the first time in 26 years. If you get “The Price You Pay” (which I’m assuming from what little I know about you wouldn’t be a big deal to you anyway), remind me that I may have to kill you.

    Either way, I wish I was there. Just don’t miss Bruce dude.


  • Snickers

    Big mistake skipping out on Phish chief

  • oneshowatatime

    wow, written by a true rook. not even camping at the roo? please…

  • El Bicho

    Snickers, he can always catch Phish on Sunday

  • Ilena

    Phish sucks. The only thing good about them is their light shows. I would never have missed Phoenix for them!
    But that sucks the cops hassled you. I would have been pissed. I mean it’s not like 90% of the people were on fucked up on something all weekend.
    It was amazing though! I’m sad it’s over :(

  • Sneed

    Phish’s first show and then Girl Talk starting at 2:30 in the morning was the best part of Bonnaroo, no lie