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Concert Review: …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead at Cleveland’s Grog Shop

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…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead took their mix of progressive rock, punk, and the avante garde to the stage at Cleveland’s Grog Shop on April 19th, 2005. It was clear early on that the band enjoyed playing as much as the audience enjoyed witnessing it and a solid, religious for some, rock experience would be on display that night.

“Ode To Isis,” the first track off of their latest disk, Worlds Apart, filled the tiny club with its operatic chants while the audience pressed to the front. The band took the stage and effortlessly transitioned into the blistering march of “Smile Again.” Confidence exuded by the band only suggested better things to come over the course of the evening.

Conrad Keely and Jason Reece performed a multitude of musical operations over the course of the evening, often switching between guitars, vocals, and drums (each performed surprisingly well) and still managed to find the energy to stage dive, drink, and tear their instruments apart.

Performance wise, nothing else could have been asked for in a show: Thunderous rocking music, transitions for all of the songs (that way there was nary a moment of silence or waiting), and a solid blend of new and old for both longtime fans and new listeners.

Being a passive concertgoer (I’m at the age where I prefer to sit and drink a beer rather than get thrashed by a mob of fans) I was forced to let go of some inhibitions. If you don’t mind risking limb (life I wouldn’t worry about) for a raucous evening of experimental rock, Trail Of The Dead will satisfy your concert craving for some time.

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  • Check out the players, Chris. You might dig it.

  • progressive rock, punk, and the avante garde?

    Sounds interesting, I like the band name, but was unsure what to expect, I was worried it would be some kind of punk or crap metal like that of Today is the Day. But that description intrigues me…..