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Concert Review: All Time Low at The Rock in Tucson, AZ 11/13/10

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Pop-punk rockers All Time Low brought its crude humor and talented live show to The Rock in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday for one of the final dates of the My Small Package tour.

The band has proven throughout its three years of nearly endless touring that they can sell out an arena, but this was not their goal this time.

All Time Low took the road in hopes of playing in front of fans in a more intimate environment by touring smaller cities and venues.

Playing songs such as “Vegas” (from 2007’s So Wrong, It’s Right) and older hits from their 2005 debut album, The Party Scene, All Time Low captured the packed Tucson audience in a different manner than usual.

Martin Silva, 19, saw All Time Low for his first time on Saturday. He said that he made an extra effort to go to the show just because it’d be different to see a large band playing a smaller stage.

“I bought their live DVD when it came out this year, and knew that this was the next band I wanted to see. They looked like it’d be an experience seeing them live and it isn’t something I want to miss. It’s great to hear some of the not so popular songs live, especially without the huge tour production they usually do. For fans that have been listening to the band since 2005, it’s great to hear some of the not so expected songs live,” said Silva.

At first the band came on stage with recent hits such as “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)” followed by “Stella.” But this wasn’t what the fans came for on this tour.

The best aspect that came from hearing new songs was how fluid the band was. They sounded together and like a tight knit brotherhood, emphasized with their stage presence, which was nothing short of immature sexual innuendo, lingerie thrown on stage, hugging the crowd surfers that ended up on stage and making fun of each other.

The epiphany of the set was “Circles” from their debut album, but the highlight of their tight knit and light humored live show was when following “Weightless,” singer Alex Gaskarth told the crowd to stop making noise and start golf clapping.

After five minutes of playing with the crowd, the band played the ending of “Weightless” several times again and the audience made no noise besides quiet golf claps at the end of the song.

The crowd was definitely into it. Concertgoers looked at each other in amazement. That was the moment that people realized how much stage presence the band truly had. “Wow Tucson, so good, so good,” said Gaskarth showing a smirk.

Although being a popular rock band, All Time Low has a unique fan base that respects old songs sometimes even more than their recent hits. This tour made this quite evident.

Candice Kincaid attended the concert and said that she grows tired of hearing predictable songs at shows. “I’m happy that All Time Low took advantage of the smaller venue filled fans that are more into hearing rare songs over their hits. It’s a completely different experience to hear songs live,” said Kincaid.

The performance proved that All Time Low can draw a large audience while showcasing talent on a small stage. The small concert vibe stripped the band of their usual backing tracks, fog and light show and stage setup. This left the band with nothing but their instruments and the crowd.

All Time Low finished the tour on Wednesday and is going to release their fifth studio album, Dirty Work, in early 2011.

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