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Concert Review: A Night with Latin Crooner Luis Miguel, Concord CA

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Luis Miguel is said to be the Frank Sinatra of the latin music world, and on Friday night, he looked the part, too. The best way to describe the evening: controlled chaos. Luis was forty-five minutes late starting and the concert goers were getting restless as they hissed and clapped for Luis to grace the stage. Finally at eight-forty-five, the venue lights went off and the consoles on stage lit up as Luis Miguel made a thunderous arrival on stage. His band which consists of all men – is truly a precious commodity to Luis and the best at what they do.

The night started off with “Que Nivel De Mujer” that quickly ensued into a medley of, “Con Tus Besos,” “Suave,” and “Dame,” a song during which a woman threw her undergarments on stage at Luis; not uncommon to witness at one of his concerts.

The mood then changed as Luis commenced to sing songs mainly from his Romance (Warner Music Latina, 1991) album. A repertoire which consisted of “No Me Platiques Mas,” “Contigo En La Distancia,” “Usted,” “La Puerta,” “La Barca,” which compelled the audience to sing (myself included). “No Se Tu,” and “Inolvidable” then ended the medley. Luis Miguel sings with great conviction and with a sense of life experience that transmutes to the poem-like lyrics.

Luis followed along the same vein as he went on to sing ballads, “Hasta Que Me Olvides,” “Por Debajo De La Mesa,” “La Gloria Eres Tu,” “Besame Mucho, ” and “Te Necessito.” Luis Miguel is to the latin world of music what Frank Sinatra has been to the English speaking world. Luis sang ballads that were mainly penned by famed legendary latin composer, Armando Manzanero. Manzanero, being a modern latin day version of George Gershwin, has had as great an impact on the latin music scene as the Gershwins had in their time. Manzanero’s compositions are celebrated and renowned. Many international artists have sung Manzanero’s compositions including, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, Christina Aguilera, and Elvis Presley – to name a few.

The evening continued as Luis stepped off stage upon the end of the medley and eleven Mariachis stepped on stage and commenced with “De Que Manera Te Olvido?” The audience went completely crazy. Luis then came back on stage and they ensued with various songs including, “Si Nos Dejan,” “El Rey,” and “La Bikina.” At one point the Mexican flagged came upon the large console on stage, which acted as an inspiration and source of tremendous pride for all Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in attendance, as they riotously screamed and clapped.

Luis wrapped up the evening with “Decidate,” “Sueltame,” and “Cuando Calienta El Sol.” It was quite an eventful evening – one that I will not soon forget. Luis Miguel is very charismatic and has an incomparable stage presence. I highly recommend catching a live show.

For more information, visit his website.

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  • jburrows

    It may be more convenient for Luis Miguel’s handlers, or a for a segment of the press, to keep calling Luis Miguel the Frank Sinatra of Mexican popular music, but that is simply not the truth. Luis Miguel’s father, Luisito Rey, also a singer and his first manager until he passed away, had not Frank sinatra in mind when he made Luis Miguel watch ( that’s 33 films, and over 19 television appearances), as well as listen ( that’s over 700 recordings), to every single singing performance that there was available of another american singer, the far more durable and ecclectic Elvis Presley.

    In fact, Luis Miguel has been quoted several times, as naming Presley his favoutire performer. In the way he had built his career, from teen sensation to dramatic showman, in the way he inter-acts with the audience, even today, as well as the manner in which he structures his show, or the way he keeps touching his hair, there’s absolutely nothing that reminds anyone, save those aforementioned “wishful thinkers”, that Luis Miguel is the Frank Sinatra of Mexico.

    Luckily for him, as well as for us in the general public, and I repeat, mainly thanks to his father, he is actually the quintessential Elvis of Mexico. That will certainly take him much, much longer, as an artist, than had he limited his talent by being the mexican Frank Sinatra.

  • Katrina

    Everyone knows the background on Luis and his father being an Elvis fan. Luis Miguel has had many influences. Both musical and non. Elvis certainly being one of them. I believe Luis mentioned Frank Sinatra as being a musical influence as well in many an interview, especially during the time of the Frank Sinatra Duets album in which Luis sang “Come Fly With Me.” The Frank Sinatra connection cannot be denied nor scoffed at. A comparison to either Frank Sinatra or Elvis is quite an honor. Luis Miguel enunciates his words so clearly as Frank Sinatra did, in fact that was one of the qualities that Frank admired about Luis and his music.

    The bottom line is Luis Miguel although similar or containing similar qualities to other artists, is secondary to the fact that he himself is the quintessential voice of Mexico. He is a supreme talent in his own right. Who his stage persona or career path resembles most is a matter of opinion.

  • Checho

    Like Elvis or Sinatra. Luis Miguel is a classic.
    He’s got staying power and an unique voice.
    Luis Miguel’s got incrediable charisma.

  • Jeezlouise

    Its his voice above anything else- His voice is better than Elvis or Sinatra.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    His voice is better than Elvis…

    Yea…Right. HA! Indescribably Blue. That’s all I have to say.