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I was reading Dawn Olsen’s post about the recent passing of the conceal and carry laws here in the great state of Ohio. I really am not a big fan of guns. I don’t know how to shoot one and I know that “in order to hate something, I should know how to do it.” Many a gun person has told me with their superior smile firmly planted in the middle of their grill that, “If you were raised with them and had respect for their power, you would feel differently.”

Honestly, I don’t think I would feel any differently. I don’t know any victims of gun violence, so it isn’t easy to tie my hatred of guns to a specific experience. The fact is that I have the “worry gene” from my mom, and guns seem like a big and unnecessary risk. (Have I ever told you how fun I am at parties?)

Why do people want to carry guns? Do they really think they can protect themselves better with a gun on them? According to this article, people deserve a chance to protect themselves.

    It is well worth the cost to Jim Vickroy. He wants to carry a gun because of recent scares to his family.
    “I also had an uncle that had a flat tire on the interstate and he was robbed at gunpoint. Criminals are going to have guns. Give the honest citizen a chance, ” Vickroy said.

Well, let me go on record saying that Vickroy is an idiot. Having a gun when you are being robbed at gunpoint pretty much just guarantees that one of the parties involved in the “transaction” is going to shoot their gun. I think I would rather give up my wallet and the $100 or so that I might have in it. Vickroy would rather be packing and appease his sense of fairness. It is this kind of monstrous chip that people carry around on their shoulders which makes concealed weapons a bad idea.

Honestly, I am really trying to think of why they passed this law. Also, why in the world are people so eager to carry their weapons here in Ohio? It is a relatively safe state, I think. What kind of experiences have these people had, and what are they trying to protect? Are they trying to protect their homes? Are they trying to protect their neighborhoods?

Well, they are Ohioans, so maybe they are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.

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  • DarklyMoon

    Yah, right, Ohio’s a relatively safe state.


  • Brutallyattacked

    Well as they say the empty barrel makes the most noise. Maybe you would rather loose money and a wallet, but when you are robbed at gun point and your wife is raped in front of you, you may sing a different tune. All the whiners that sit in the homes and publish there rants and raves with never having been in that situation, I wish the next time you have a thought on this issue you would just let it go. If you don’t want a gun that’s fine, law abiding citizens will very rarely rob you because they have a gun, most likely it will be a criminal. So if you have never been in a brutal and physical situation with a criminal do me a favor and don’t get a permit, sit home and watch friends, but for god’s sake give the innocent public a chance to defend ourselves.