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Conan O’Brien Joining TBS

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As many out there will undoubtedly remember, once upon a time a man named Conan O'Brien briefly hosted The Tonight Show. Early in 2010, NBC opted to switch around their late night schedule, and O'Brien – whether because he was let go or chose to leave – ended up departing the network. Since that time there have been numerable questions about where exactly he would end up, with many folks believing it would be FOX, a network which off-and-on for years has tried to establish a solid presence after the local news. Today we have learned that O'Brien will not be heading to FOX.

Basic cable network TBS has announced that Conan O'Brien will be joining their late night schedule sometime towards the end of the year (November was mentioned as the "expected" launch). TBS's announcement stated that O'Brien's as yet untitled show will air Monday thru Thursday at 11:00pm for one hour, pushing George Lopez's Lopez Tonight to midnight.

In TBS's announcement, O'Brien is quoted as saying, "In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I’m headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly." It is assuredly a big move for the basic cable network, and TBS may perfectly suit O'Brien's brand of off-beat humor.

Few other details are known at this point, but we will be sure to bring you more news of O'Brien and this endeavor as we receive it.

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  • Rolf Phlat

    This is a good move for Conan and TBS, and especially for George Lopez. It may take awhile for him to build his numbers, but I think he has found a good home for his brand of humor.

  • Congrats to Conan!! What NBC did to Conan was wrong and a really bad call in my opinion. Leno has run his course and that is why his show failed. He has never been as good as Carson or Letterman and never will be. He has not had an original creative thought his entire career.

  • I Like this move a lot!

    Coco is too funny to be sitting on the sidelines, he needs to be back on TV as soon as possible providing us all with many great laughs ! 🙂

    But now we have to wait till the end of the year ! Its going to be a long wait but well worth it.

  • CJ

    I like this move. I like Jay better, but Conan is a funny guy and needs his own show. O’Brien is a lot funnier than David Letterman. I can’t wait until November to check it out.

  • FWIW, TBS and Lopez say the entire thing only started to be seriously discussed once Lopez called Conan and asked him to do it.

  • Conan now looks like a jackass. Whining over Jay bumping him and now does the same thing?! How do you sign up to join Team Jorge?