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Comparing the Costs of Carribean and Mediterranean Cruises

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Many vacation goers make comparisons before taking their big cruise in the Caribbean or on the Mediterranean Sea. In terms of the cost and the scenery you’re likely to see on each of these voyages, cruises in the Caribbean and Mediterranean are worlds apart (literally).

Royal Caribbean Ships At Dock: Photo by Tom via flickrr/cc.

Royal Caribbean Ships At Dock: Photo by Tom via flickrr/cc.

Cruises in the Caribbean

Cruises in the Caribbean are often geared towards working individuals in the US or Canada who decide to go on vacation. There is usually a specific crowd of people on each type of cruise, and this can affect the price of these cruises.

For instance, since a lot of spring break partiers like to take cruises, you can often find great deals on cruise tickets. Other cruises are geared towards families or couples, and these may be a bit more expensive. On the average, you can find multi-day Caribbean cruises for between $250-500 per person.

The reason that Caribbean cruises are so popular is because of the combination of excellent weather and stunning beaches they offer. You’ll likely get to experience life on various islands, such as a plethora of excitement in Puerto Rico, while also enjoying top notch entertainment on board your ship.

Special Note: Certain destinations in the Caribbean don’t require passports, but some do. You’ll need to check with your tour company before you arrive to see if you need a passport.

Mediterranean Sea by Magnus via flickr/cc.

Mediterranean Sea by Magnus via flickr/cc.

Cruises in the Mediterranean

On the other hand, cruises in the Mediterranean often have a different audience and vibe. These are geared towards the more refined traveler, and the focus may be more on couples or older adults. These ships usually offer a high standard for their accommodations and dining options. As a result, the prices are usually higher.

It can be between $500-1,000 for most cruises in this area. When you also factor in the more expensive plane ticket to arrive in Europe, you are looking at a big jump in price from the cruises in the Caribbean.

Nonetheless, a Mediterranean cruise offers a lot, and it is a popular choice for many travelers. Since travel throughout Europe requires a good deal of transportation anyway, a cruise is a smart way to see many of the finest ports along the Mediterranean coast. Many people dream of taking a journey through the Mediterranean, and after completing one of these journey’s you’ll be the envy of your friends and colleagues back home.

The cost differences between a Mediterranean cruise and a Caribbean cruise can be staggering. However, it all depends on how much of a luxury experience you want. If you are willing to cut corners or take a shorter trip, either of these options can be affordable.

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