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Coming to an agreement

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Starting way back when, most likely long before Jean-Paul Riopelle died things got ugly between his kids and the most current version of his wife. Last week a bunch of newspapers reported that they had patched things up, and come to an amicable agreement.

Now, I’m not certain when and where things started to get ugly. But on there were a total of three lawsuits that got traded between the good folks.

Here, here, and here

Then y’all gotta realize that one daughter is working on a catalogue raisonee, check this, and this, and that the latest wife is running a foundation.

So now that you have some of the background, or at least what I can find in 5 minutes on the internet, we can go to the articles.

Le Devoir: Riopelle: finie la chicane de famille

La Presse: Les Riopelle en médiation; les avocates optimists

CBC National: End to Riopelle family feud in sight?

CBC Local: Riopelle heirs settle differences

Toronto Star (via Canadian Press): Riopelle heirs to settle suits

Now as far as details go CBC Local and the Toronto Star are the least fulfilling. Stéphane Baillargeon at Le Devoir has the most dirt, giving large quotes to Me Céline Garneau who was handling the estate, and Me Marie-Josée Hogue who is the lawyer for the kids. And the most fun being the amount that the lawyers have billed the estate ($821,613). Makes me think twice when the lawyers can score almost 3% of the value of the estate just because of s disagreement. And then, why didn’t Radio-Canada cover it?

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the prices for lots 13

(ANTHEOR, 9 1/2 by 5 1/2 in. Estimate: $20,000-$30,000)

(DES LE MATIN, 13 by 8 3/4 in. Estimate: $25,000-35,000)

and 14 at this auction.

Posted by Chris Hand to Zeke’s Gallery at 5/1/2004 04:24:02 PM

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