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Coming Soon: The Eye, Starring Jessica Alba

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I love horror movies. I’m weird like that. Most girls hate horror movies. Most girls hate football. I like both. I’ve liked horror movies since I was little. When I was little, my Dad would take me to all of these haunted houses. It was “our thing.” Ironically, he won’t see horror movies with me in theaters. Baby.

A new horror movie hits theaters February 1st entitled The Eye. The trailer looks really, really good. It seems really suspenseful, which is one of the most important parts of any horror movie.

The story is centered on a girl named Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba), who has been blind since a childhood accident. Sydney makes her living by relying on one of her other senses – hearing. She is a violinist. Still, seeing the world again is important to her, so Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) performs an eye transplant. At first, she is happy as she could be. After all, she’s been waiting her whole life to see again.

It doesn’t take a long time for Sydney to begin to question her decision. Throughout her day she would be haunted by horrible images. She and her family, including her sister (Parker Posey), begin to wonder: has Sydney gone mad, or is she really being haunted by these images. Is Sydney insane? Sydney knows the truth, though. Whoever the last owner of this eye was obviously had a role in giving her these frightening pictures that only she could see.

The plot seems wonderful. I mean, how many people could possibly come up with such an original story line? Not me. That alone would be enough to see this movie. I only have one concern about this upcoming movie: Jessica Alba. She’s a great actress and possibly one of the prettiest people alive, which will probably draw some guys into seeing the movie. I know if there’s a hot guy in a movie I might see, I’d be more likely to go. Guilty. I’ve seen Jessica in Fantastic Four, but I don’t know if she could pull off a scary movie. Look at Lindsay Lohan. Although I’ve lost most of my respect for her, she was great in Mean Girls. Put her in a scary movie – horrible!

Regardless of my doubts about Jessica, I’m looking forward to this movie. It premieres February 1st. I can’t wait.

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    You can now have an “Eye” skin at Myspace. The skin’s pretty sweet. Go check it out. To get the skin, click on Tom’s announcement. (It’s a picture of him and Jessica Alba). Have fun!

  • I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Especially knowing that Jessica Alba is starring in it.

  • I saw ‘The Eye’ online and though viewing a film at the theatre is best, I must say it’s likely to be the worst thing I’ll see this year. I gave it 1/10 and that’s only because Jessica Alba is so pretty. On merit as a horror film alone, the film totally fails to even scare you. Too many tiresome cliches are used and the whole thing is just as opportunistic mess.