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Comics Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 33

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Maybe someone should have let Dick Grayson in on the news about the Batwoman. She doesn’t play on the same team. Nightwing’s probably the nicest superhero in the entire DC universe, but he’s also a bit clueless. Maybe I’m seeing too much into it, but I think that Dick Grayson was doing more than just being generous during the most wonderful time of the year.

Nightwing can’t seem to avoid exercising his right to hit on redheaded batfemales, but what do you expect from a young, virile superhero on Christmas? The mood is merry, and even Lex Luthor and his Infinity Inc. Group are sharing in the festivities of the season.

We all know what Lex Luthor wants for Christmas, but a lump of coal is looking like more of a possibility for him as time goes by. Tests by his best scientists are still negative. No super powers for you, Lex! The upside is that Lex can happily enjoy Christmas, while The Question is breathing his last breaths.

On Christmas, all Vic Sage has is cancer, with some small hallucinations of his past life. What an unfitting end for such a great character, but what happens to him after this issue is anyone’s guess. With comics, you can never assume that it’s all over for a hero, even if he’s going to die in the worst way.

Around the DC Universe we get to witness what some of the heroes of the DCU have been up to and how they are celebrating the holidays. If you were wondering what happened to the other heroes who got changed by their fight in space, you don’t get a clear answer here; instead, you get visual hints of how Cyborg got defused from Firestorm, how Hawkgirl got back to normal size, etc.

I did feel my heart get warm after this series of panels. What 52 is capable of doing is bringing you closer to the soul of DC’s characters, from the A-list franchise stars to the C-listers. So this is a great Christmas gift and it doesn’t stray from progressing the story to play up a holiday gimmick.

This week’s biography is on Martian Manhunter. A few months ago I picked up his new series, and I don’t like the angry Martian Manhunter. He is a big part of how Checkmate (which I plan on reading trades of) came to be, and now he’s very much separated from his former JLA teammates. What a pity. If a better story arc springs up in the Martian Manhunter book, I might start reading it again. The Manhunter is a great character, who is so powerful, and yet under-appreciated.

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