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Comics Review: DC Comics’ 52 Week 24

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Do you like to laugh? If you picked up this week’s 52, I think you had no other choice but to laugh at the first adventure of the less than remarkable lineup of the new justice league. Even before reading, I was laughing, because of the infamous DC character Ambush Bug. He’s wearing a shirt that says “this shirt’s a clue” but what’s it a clue for? I’m totally confused! So I read on and, what we first see is the new young Firestorm (a guy with nuclear powers and flames pouring out the top of his head) making a cell phone call to get Oliver Queen to join the new Justice League.

Oliver Queen, otherwise known as expert marksman and former JLA member Green Arrow, is too busy looking way too underdressed at his campaign headquarters to be bothered with a team of people who think they can create their own League. It’s pretty clear that he wouldn’t have bought into the idea even if he wasn’t trying to become mayor of his hometown. All the while Ambush Bug, the star of this week’s issue, is throwing in-jokes and comments that rip down the fourth wall. “Hello, room service? Send us a plot and three pages of dialogue right away! The weekly grind is tearin’ me apart! Fifty-two!” Like I said, hilarious!

For you DC historians, this Justice League consists of Firehawk, Firestar, Ambush Bug and the recently reborn Super Chief. Don’t shake your head at that lineup! I guess this is the best team the world can gather when Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are otherwise occupied. The big three have given up their alter egos for a year, but Martian Manhunter is still trying to keep the world safe. Manhunter has his hands involved in the transformation of a notorious organization that was involved in Infinite Crisis. I guess 52 will show you how the newest incarnation of the organization came to be.

Back to the wacky hi-jinks, though. 52’s Justice League tries to fend off a geek's wet dream. Ghost Pirates and robots have been let loose on the streets, attacking innocent bystanders. Correction – metagene enhanced people who are powerful enough to defend themselves. If you look closely at one splash page in particular, you see characters who are a mix of 52 parodies of heroes you may know and contestants from the already ridiculous Stan Lee reality show “Who Wants to be a Superhero?”

This pandemonium gets worse when an unexpected villain shows up and creates carnage. The world needs the Justice League, but I don’t think that anyone wants this group to be it. The aftermath of the pirates and robots vs. the Justice League ties right into Martian Manhunter’s story. If you’re reading a certain chess-themed DC Comics title, then you owe it to yourself to read this week’s 52. Hell, you owe it to yourself to read this issue if you’re a DC comics fan and you like to laugh! This is easily the funniest issue of 52 in its 24-week history and it’s also very relevant to One Year Later. Read it!

This week’s supplement is about the recently deceased Booster Gold. Why does a dead man need his origin told? Does this mean he’s coming back? Maybe.

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