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Comics Review: DC Comics’ 52 Week 23

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What do you get when you cross a magically powered family with classic mad scientists and a dash of human/animal hybrid thrown in for good measure? You get 52 week 23. From the cover, you can tell that Black Adam is not the least bit happy. He seldom is. On this occasion, he really, really isn’t happy at all. Since Adrianna Toomaz became the new Isis, one of her goals was to find her brother. I won’t give too much detail, but one thing’s for sure – she does find her brother.

Any Teen Titans readers got a hint of what happened to Isis’s brother, but in 52 I would hope that the guy’s an optimist. Black Adam and Isis find Adrianna’s brother Amon, and he is in the clutches of the same human/animal creatures we saw back when Batwoman made her first appearance in Week 11. Question and Montoya are there in Khandaq as well, and they witness a weird ritual being led by Whisper a' Daire. Do they a) just watch the ritual proceed or b) wreak havoc and crack skulls alongside Black Adam and his lovely wife? I think the answer’s obvious.

This is another milestone in the life of Black Adam, and you’ll have to read to see how everything turns out. Before Black Adam and friends meet with Intergang, we find out what happens to Doctor Magnus after his house is blown to bits. The huge robot *COUGH*looked like a sentinel*COUGH* who reminded Magnus “mad scientist only takes Magnus to Oolong Island, where his fellow geniuses do not seem to be in need of rescue". If you want a hint of who’s holding them on this island, look no further than the drivers of the giant robot.

If you have a special place in your heart for geniuses (mad or otherwise) who create fantastic inventions, then these few pages were made for you. I know not everyone is into this added substory, but I like it because, like most of this series, it is a learning experience about the corners of the DC universe I had never been introduced to before. I don’t know anything about Doctor Sivana or the Metal Men, but I think that before this year in DC’s up, I can at least pretend to be a proper DC drone.

Week 23 of 52 is fantastic. First you get a little light-hearted fare with Doc Magnus on Oolong Island and then you get some startling violence and fist banning action with Black Adam in Khandaq. Also, this week’s supplement is about a hero you may not know, Wildcat. I know of Wildcat, but I didn't know that he was as important to the DC universe as he is. Still, he's a guy with a cat head as a mask. Can't take him too seriously.

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