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Comics Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 21

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I don’t think that there’s much love from DC Comics readers for John Henry Irons and his ordeals in 52. This lack of love is doubled when his (or his niece’s) story takes time away from the more interesting characters, like Black Adam, Ralph Dibny or The Question. The only thing about the story that is attractive is what Luthor and his scientists are planning to do with all these heroes they are creating. Are they all going to war? Will Luthor eventually become an even greater leader than when he was president?

Time will tell, but for now, alll we have is Infinity Inc. Before this issue, Eliza, AKA the super-fast Trajectory, was kicked out of Luthor’s superhero team because of her drug use. With some convincing from Natasha (Starlight), Eliza is back, and she is elated.

Infinity Inc. debuts their new identities and costumes in this issue. We have Skyman, who has the ability to control the air and fly; Nuklon, who is nuclear-powered; Everyman, a shape-shifter; Trajectory, who I have already mentioned; and finally Fury, who attacks with razor-sharp claws. I can’t totally hate their new superheroic alter egos, but I’ve seen better gimmicks in a pro-wrestling ring.

This all-new, all genetically modified Infinity Inc. takes on a big brute named Blockbuster, and they have him all under control, just when 52’s version of the Teen Titans turn up. This is one of many incarnations of the Titans group, which had some growing pains after the death of Superboy in Infinite Crisis. The Teen Titans take their shots (verbal, not physical) at these Luthorcorp-created heroes.

This meeting of two super teams brings up an interesting hierarchy amongst heroes that doesn’t seem to be spoken of in any other mainstream comic I’ve read. So “legacy” heroes are looked down upon? People who have their bodies willingly modified are just as bad, too? I don’t feel so bad about reading this week’s story after all.

On top of this two-group collision, something happens that will change the face of Infinity Inc. It’s not a surprise that Lex Luthor has everything planned and under his control, but I didn’t see what happened coming.

I have to tell you that, uh, Steel shows up again, but at least this time Steel’s not crying or feeling sorry for himself. Way to go, John. Now could you try and be more useful to this book? Please? At the end of week 21, a space hero who found his way back to earth hero finds some much-needed assistance while he’s far from home. I wonder where this is going. Is he going to be able to tell the other earth heroes the rest of the story?

To learn more about 52 check out 52's official site. It is a weekly DC Comics series starring Infinity Inc, Lex Luthor, Ralph Dibny, Red Tornado, Steel and the Teen Titans.

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