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Comics Review: 52, Week 27

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Every so often, 52 has a cool cover that looks inspired, instead of the average “superheroes are fighting” fare. The cover of this week’s 52 is one of those. You may not know who the woman is, but the imposing figure is clearly none other than the Spectre. The Spectre, last time we saw him, was destroying magical characters left and right during Infinite Crisis. He’s not someone to be messed with, but when your wife is unjustly killed, I guess you’ll deal with anyone you have to and do anything if it means getting her back.

Ralph Dibny, with the Helmet of Fate at his side, finds himself face to face with the hand of God, the Spectre. There, Ralph finds himself face-to-face with a villian named Eclipso  and at the same time face-to-face with someone he has no love for. The Spectre gives Dibny one thing he would like, and that’s a good dose of vengeance.

Before this meeting reaches its climax, we get another clue as to who Booster Gold’s football-shaped pal Skeets is hunting. He visits Waverider and Skeet’s not exactly there for chitchat. Skeets may just be a robotic floating databank, but what he found in Rip Hunter’s underground lab flipped him out and made him vicious.

In Nanda Parbat, Renee Montoya’s getting a hands-on lesson in how to be a better person. Anything that’ll get a bottle out of her hand is good, right? She might need something stiff to drink after being taught by Richard Dragon, though. Two revelations are learned while in Nanda Parbat, and they are doozies. God I love Question and Montoya’s storyline!

Finally, it’s back to space with Ralph Dibny and Spectre. Dibny gets everything he wants from the Spectre. If you trust DC and 52, you know what to expect of Dibny’s hunt for answers in this issue. That wraps up one of the most solid, heartbreaking and stimulating issues of 52. 52 is not always a total homerun, but I’ll jump to say that week 27 is.

The bio for this week is Black Canary, of the Birds of Prey. She’s drawn a little chubby, but I like the art style.

To learn more information about 52 check out 52's official site.

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