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Comic Review: Marvel Comics Civil War Issue 2

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Could there ever be a more heroic fugitive vigilante than Captain America? In Civil War Issue 2 (of 7), 'ol winghead wraps up villains in a nice bow for the authorities to find while managing to deftly avoid the pro-regisration hordes. The government of the Marvel Universe really has gained the worst enemy it could ever find, one who is highly respected, upholds the freedoms that America allows, and a man who can basically level scores of soldiers with one adamantium shield. Shield has now realized that Captain America is not merely hiding from them. He's also gathered some people who see the Superhero Registration act the way he does.

While Cap and his crew continue to do good in the shadows, Iron Man and heroes like Yellow Jacket, She-Hulk and some guy with a lightning icon on his shirt (don't recall who he is) also do their good, but in broad daylight. I like She-hulk, and I like the Fantastic Four, but so far, Captain America's got more cool characters on his side. Tell me why I should care that Yellow Jacket is constantly scowling in every scene he's in?

Now, if you have any doubt that Iron Man is secure in his choice to stand for registration, you still should, but he sounds quite serious. I have heard the official Marvel podcasts and I've read news bits about this seven-part series, but something may be fishy in Civil War. I know that there is going to be some hot superhero-on-superhero action, but is everyone going to stay on their respective sides of the field once the real fisticuffs commence? I smell a rat, and I guess Marvel is counting on that curiosity to make readers like me pick up the other Civil War-related titles to find any hints about where this war is headed. The first thing I really want to know why Reed Richards is getting his mad scientist on and what "42" refers to.

I'd like to take a moment out to sorta apologize. I don't know what I didn't like so much about the art for the first issue, because this is clearly the same art, but I think that it was not only solid, but much improved over Issue 1. Maybe it was all the close-ups of lips. Everyone's lips, from Captain America to The Thing had their lips showcased. Sure, there's a bit "lippiness" here, but it didn't really bug me.

What makes this art outstanding is the style in which the action is presented. In a few pages, the last member of the Young Avengers is rushing to escape being outnumbered and outgunned and arrested like his teammates have. The "camera" is following him as if it was an action movie. My first thought was that it was like the first Blade movie, where Wesley Snipes calmly leaps from a window onto a roof, with police shooting at him once he lands. You get the feeling that this young hero may or may not make it through the night alive.

So how do you top some amazing action? Well, one web head can tell you. I never give away spoilers, no matter how many weeks have passed, but say it ain't so, Spidey. Say it ain't so! Another big shocker for another issue of Civil War, but much more shocking than the shockwave Captain America sent flying when he made a daring escape from the grasp of his own colleagues.

I hope that this is not just shock for shock's sake, but that this Civil War has been well thought out and we will not be disappointed with our favorite heroes, pro-registration or not.

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