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Comic Review: DC Comics (Post Infinite Crisis) 52 Week 12

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If ripping people apart and running his fingers through people's skulls didn't convince you that Black Adam was a sadist, then maybe his choice in women might. Black Adam, as you can clearly see from the cover, becomes involved with Isis. Who is this new Isis? It is obvious because of the person she resembles from past 52 episodes, but let's just pretend it's a secret.

Anyway, Adam decides to show this potential candidate around and he bumps an old "buddy" who has gone completely nutso. Hearing voices is such an incredible experience when you have God-given power. Isis is reborn, but while Black Adam may have a new player in his power-grabbing game, I don't think he knows what he's in for. Isis definitely looks like she's calling the shots.

Road trip! In Gotham City, Renee Montoya's itching to make the pieces fit, but the trail leads out of Gotham – way out of Gotham. Finally, these separate stories are going to collide with one another! Booster Gold and the Elongated Man have crossed paths once before, in a great moment, but the continuation of Montoya and The Question's investigation is going to be so much more interesting. 

52 does a good job in hinting at how the pieces of this year's worth of events fit. Intergang was up to their underground dealings way before Question and Montoya got wise to them, when Intergang representatives tried to woo Black Adam about half the series back.

I'm amazed that out of all the people in this book, the least super of heroes are the most interesting to me. I hadn't gotten interested in The Question hardcore until he was brought to life in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. He barely has anything to say in this issue, but what he said excited me and made me anxious for the next issue of 52

Ralph Dibny has been a superhero, but for all of 52 he has not used his powers one bit. I'm off and on with Dibny's search for the truth, but this week I'm totally on the bandwagon. Week 13 seems to be really promising. That is, if the stories in week 12 immediately carry over.

I'm glad that we're done with Diana Troy's reeducation on the history of the DCU. It has been replaced with quick bios on DC's most popular heroes. This week is Wonder Woman. I didn't really learn much more about Wonder Woman than I haven't gathered already, but I like the artwork from Adam Hughes and seeing scenes from her birth, training as a young girl, and her eventual journey to becoming Wonder Woman. They could have thrown in the fact that she killed a villain after he murdered the Blue Beetle, but I guess that wasn't deemed necessary.

You can learn more about 52 at 52's official site.

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