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Comic Review: DC Comics (Post Infinite Crisis) 52 Week 11

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It's the Batwoman! Do you care, though? There's only one bat that matters, and anyone else wearing a cape and cowl will be judged against his record. Everyone and their mom knows the basics about the Batwoman, right? Kate Kane is a closeted lesbian who once had a "thing" with Gotham cop Renee Montoya. She has now taken on the identity of the vigilante Batwoman, the second hero to debut in 52. The first was Supernova, but to DC readers, he doesn't have as much heat as the controversial Kate Kane.

The Batwoman decides to start her first fight with evil when Renee Montoya and The Question, now running around as the muscle-bound "Charlie," start to dig into the underworld dealings of Intergang. Question loves to lay the buddy cop banter on Montoya, and I love him for it. The duo finally put faces to who's been responsible for the weapons and the strange creature Montoya and Question discovered on Kane Street. One of those faces belongs to a former henchman of R'as Al Ghul named Whisper A'Daire. She has dangerous skills all her own, but she also has henchmen, a special caliber of thugs.

As new characters and threats are introduced, I often wonder if all of these events are related to any of the other stories in the book. Is Black Adam involved in this? Is Lex Luthor working with Intergang? Will Ralph Dibny's hunt for the Superboy cult lead him in the same direction Montoya and Question are headed? For now, Ralph Dibny has only met up with Booster as of late, and the Superboy cult is getting more brazen and a very big part of their plan comes to light when they steal very important possessions. There is no evidence that the Superboy cult could ever resurrect anyone, but at the end of this issue, I'm taking the group just a little bit more seriously.

There was no continuation of the Steel story or the story of the heroes lost in space this week, but Batwoman's introduction needed some space to debut, and I think it was worth it. The Batwoman isn't an original idea, but the character has my attention. I want to know how she went from rich girl to vigilante, and I want to see if she can prove to DC comics fans that she is just not simply a gimmick meant to get the news talking.

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