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Comic Review: DC Comics (Post Infinite Crisis) 52 Week 10

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Just how interesting is the Man of Steel if he's less than super? For more than a third of this week's issue of 52, it's all about Superman's alter ego, the powerless Clark Kent. Clark Kent is now all the klutz he pretended to be when he used to be able to fly the world as Superman. He can't shave without nicking himself and he forgets that a scalding pot could burn his hands.

Supernova, like Superman in his early days, is getting everyone's attention. His powers are incredible and every newspaper wants to get an exclusive with him. With Clark Kent not being able to use his powers to aid him in his day job, getting the big scoop on Supernova will takes clever thinking on Kent's part.

The only person who looks more powerless compared to Supernova is the now outed Booster Gold, who tried to trick the public into believing that he was the hero that would fill Superman's shoes – and make a boatload of cash in the process. Now Booster's all but homeless and bitter as hell. God, I love where 52 is going!

Outside of America, Black Adam finds resistence from an unlikely source. I just couldn't stop grinning in the interchange between Adam and a woman who has shown up in 52 before. Separating bodies with his bare hands and squashing human heads may be shocking and jaw-dropping, but nothing is more astounding than the meta-human leader of Khandaq being tounge-lashed by a powerless woman.

This week's issue ends with T.O. Morrow and Doctor Magnus continuing their discussion of all things mad genius. We still don't get any closer to finding out where some of the most brilliant scientific minds have gone or who might have taken them, but Doctor Magnus has found evidence of something that may or may not be an ominous threat.

Reveal and tease, little by little. That's the way 52 works and that's why I'll be back for next week, when the Batwoman springs into action.

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