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Comic Review: DC Comics (Post Infinite Crisis) 52 – Week 4

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Is there finally an answer to The Question's question? According to the cover of 52, Week 4, the action is going to kick up in the lives of our favorite alchoholic detective, Renee Montoya. In Week 2, Montoya didn't have much going in terms of a career, so she jumped at the chance to get paid a few hundred a day to do a stakeout. It's too bad she doesn't know who or what she's looking for. That's what's so great about the character, The Question. He know's something about what's coming next, and possibly how all the clues tie together, but he won't let you in on it.

Besides the happiness I find in The Question, I am also elated that the life of Booster Gold is going to hell. Finally, Booster gets what's coming to him in the form of his superheroine girlfriend, the green-tressed Fire. Oh, I can't wait until week five! Luckily, he doesn't encounter any other historical errors from his robot pal Skeets.

There are more mysteries introduced in this issue, like what happened to some superheroes in the reaches of space and why John Henry Irons is having a conversation with himself. The Elongated Man, Ralph Dibney, is also back this issue, putting up with what can only be called a Superman cult.

This issue is a big tease with more questions than answers. It's the readers fault, though, because we know this series is done in 48 weeks and the answers will not come until sometime in mid-series, if then. I'll be hanging on for another week, to see if I am proven wrong and Week 5 has all the answers I desire. With the "superheroes lost in space" subject being brought up, I not only expect no answers, but I expect most of the five main characters to be left out of next week's 52.

Editor's note: See also week three, week two and week one.

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