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Comic Review: DC Comics (Post-Infinite Crisis) 52, Week 18

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Week 18 is proof that even though a hero is down and out (and quite possibly insane) you shouldn't count him out. Or is it?

Ralph Dibny has been through a hell of a lot lately. An entire DC Comics event was based on the murder of his lovely wife, and now, in 52 he's having wife troubles again. No, before you get confused, she is dead, and hopefully she will not return during the entire 52 series. Although, there is apparently a method that could work to bring back the dead, which left Ralph a babbling lunatic when last we saw him. Now it looks as if he's put that episode totally behind him and he's willing to help Shadowpact (in their first 52 appearance) uncover a mystery.

From the looks of it, one of the members of the Croaton Society (never heard of them) took it upon himself to put the helmet of Dr. Fate on, and he was liquefied for it. Tough luck. Detective Chimp, who is a member of both the Croatons and Shadowpact, goes to Ralph so they can discover why this happened to their friend. To me it just looks like an accidental death, but I'm no detective.

This is the first time, by the way, I've read Detective Chimp in any book, and I am fascinated. I don't think I'd ever get used to a genius animal walking around dressed as Sherlock Holmes. He's anthropomorphised and out of fashion! My favorite line from him in this issue is, "We [the Croatons] figured out the ending of Lost, we can find one of our own guys." Nice! Anyway, Ralph and Chimp meet and they bring up old times. This is the conversation that has me convinced that Ralph has gotten it all together, and yet, who is to know for sure that all is right in Ralph's head?

In between the Dr. Fate mystery, the Question and Renee Montoya's story collides (in a somewhat literal sense) with Black Adam's. Renee and Question get the respect they deserve for saving lives in their last issue, but Renee doesn't show up for the ceremony. This leads to yet another hot scene with Renee wearing even less clothing than when Question broke into her home. Hmm, who knew that two women lying in bed together was tantalizing? The conversation gets a bit heated, but cooler heads do prevail, and I get giddy. Team-up!

One more story interrupts the finale of week eighteen, and it involves Booster Gold. No, he's dead too – at least for now. I'm still thinking he's alive somewhere. Time-tripping heroes always pull shit like that. I dare you to name all the two-cent heroes (or are some of them villains? I don't know) who show up. All I know is that Skeets has his eye on someone in the neighborhood, and it might mean that Booster Gold's story is not quite over yet.

The payoff for Ralph's story this week lies all in the helmet, and it probably lies all within Ralph's mind as well. Any DC readers who have been keeping up with the magical beings of the DCU know for sure what's going on, but all I could figure out is that some big changes are about to happen.

I really enjoyed this week. I felt like I learned a bit more about the DC Universe and naked lesbians don't hurt, either. The supplement was great, too. This week it's the Question. If you don't get who he is, you definitely will understand him with this bio.

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    Just a note for careful readers. Wiki the name you see in the third panel of the first page. The name is an actual person and an actual mystery. Very nice touch!