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Comic Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 22

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Doctor Magnus is not a character who was introduced in Week 1 of 52. Now, we’ve learned a little about Dr. Magnus every few weeks. What we know as of Week 21 is that scientists (of the mad variety) have been disappearing from their daily lives, and no one has a clue as to why they’ve gone missing or who may have kidnapped them.

Now we finally have a clue.  People have been visiting Doc Magnus quite a lot, and now it looks like they’re going for a more “direct” approach. I guess being the man who created “souls” for robot beings makes you in high demand!

Even though the Doctor Magnus story bookends this issue, there are quite a lot of other happenings in the DC universe. First, it’s not a spoiler, but Super Chief is back! Now if I could only figure out why that is important to anyone who actually knows about the DC universe and its characters. It’s probably done to be ironic, but on the cover they make a big deal about it.

The most interesting thing about the new Super Chief is all the Easter eggs hidden in his panels. Not to be down on a guy, because a guy who isn’t Caucasian, doesn’t fly and doesn’t wear a cape is refreshing, but this new Super Chief looks like he’s not the best man for the job.

The most interesting story of this whole issue, besides Doc Magnus being hunted down, is the story of Lex and his plan to make mere men and women metahumans. I like it best when this story is seen through the eyes of Lex, because Lex Luthor does not fail to entertain. Lex is interested (to say the least) about Supernova. He has his henchmen working to find out this new hero’s identity, apparently because this being is not the creation of Luthor-brand genetic manipulation. Lex has an idea of who Supernova is, and no DC reader would be surprised if it was.

There is talk about Wondergirl’s encounter with Supernova, because she believes that it’s Connor Kent returned from the grave. It could be him as well, but Lex doesn’t believe that, and most DC readers don’t want him to come back from the dead. Like Sue Dibny, the Elongated Man’s wife, a resurrection would cheapen his death, making the events of Infinite Crisis sort of meaningless. I remember Superboy’s twisted corpse, and I think that he should stay dead a good long time. I don’t like clones anyway. Here’s to hoping that it turns out to be Mon-El, a former Legion of Superheroes Legionnaire, instead.

The Bio this week is for Green Lantern. Specifically, it’s about Hal Jordan. Now, I might be getting my Earth Lanterns mixed up (because there have been at least 3) but isn’t this the same guy who turned evil and acted in kind? They skipped over that little detail! I wonder if that was intentional or if there wasn’t enough space to mention his misdeeds. Hmm.

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