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Comic Book Review: Magdalena #2 by Ron Marz

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Ron Marz's Magdalena, the new standalone Magdalena series, has an interesting premise but this second issue didn't really make me that excited and hopefully that's just a lull before things pick up again in future issues. 

The Magdalena line are the descendants of Mary Magdalene and Christ. Entrusted with the spear that pierced the side of Christ, the Spear of Destiny, the Magdalena is the Church's enforcer against the supernatural. The current Magdalena is Patience and, after living her childhood in the service of the Church, she has fled in what must be assumed to be an attempt at normal life.

As it usually goes these sorts of attempts at normal-ness do not normally end well and soon the demonic henchmen of Lucifer's Children, a doomsday cult who have the Son of Satan among their number, are trying to make sure Patience remains out of action for good.

The fight between Patience and the demon wasn't really all that exciting, it was over fairly quickly and some of the dialogue was a little lame. The rest of the comic is then centered around the Church trying to force Patience back into her role as the Magdalena. Now this is a bit of a spoiler but I would have preferred to see her stick to her guns and not go into service for the Church again, at least for another issue.

There was a really good part where it looked like she refused them and Cardinal Innocent pressured Patience's mentor Kristoff to go through with a deal he made, presumably to take Patience's spear away via force. It showed the Church as conniving and deceitful and a little bit ruthless when it comes to pursuing Satan.

It was prepared to pit mentor against protege to get what it wants and it would have been really cool to see in the next issue. What was really creepy, but well done, was the drawing of the Son of Satan as a child. There's this strange sense of innocence you immediately attach to him but then you see him involved in sacrifices and other acts and your left thinking 'he's a kid but he's seriously messed up' and the prospect of Patience kicking his ass seems all the better. 

Like the events of this issue the artwork wasn't all that impressive, just solid. A few things stood out like the odd color of Patience's blood, which looked almost pink while the demon she fought could have done with a bit more detail to make him look like a serious foe. That being said Patience's armor and Cardinal Innocent's bodyguard did look really cool with their mix of brightly colored armor and robes.

There was also something about Blake's drawings, which definitely made you feel like the Cardinal was dodgy and that there is nothing innocent about the child. They had these looks in their eyes at times that were really creepy and Blake should be commended for achieving that.

On the whole Magdalena #2 was a bit of a disappointment. If a few things were done differently it could have been a great issue but hopefully, over time and with future issues, it can be looked back on as a foundation issue for better things to come.

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