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Comic Book Review: Green Arrow #1 by J. T. Krul and Diogenes Neves

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I don't know if Green Arrow holds the record of having the most revamped series or not, but he's got to be getting close. We're currently on Volume Five of his adventures, and a new #1 is in shops this week.

He started out as a playboy archer, more or less in the Batman mode, and kind of got forgotten a lot. After you've seen a few trick arrows, they kind of lose their appeal. Denny O'Neil took away Oliver Queen's fortune and made him a firebrand, a crusader that didn't believe in only the greater good. In his hands, Green Arrow became the champion of the underdog, the guy who stepped in to fight for the rights of the individuals.

In time Mike Grell took over the Green Arrow comic, stripped away the trick arrows, made Ollie Queen more of a fallible person (tons of romantic problems) and made him out to be more of the hunter. That concept of Green Arrow has stuck, it seems, and I’m glad of it.

Now, as part of the ongoing "Brightest Day" package running through DC Comics, a new Green Arrow #1 has been released. A mysterious forest grew in shattered Star City overnight, and now Green Arrow has taken up residence in those misty woods as an avenger, fighting corrupt cops, villains, and predatory evil.

I really like J. T. Krul’s direction in the story so far, and the homage to Robin Hood has never been stronger. Diogenes Neves’s artwork is superb and is really striking.

The new villainess is interesting and obviously has ties to Oliver’s past in ways we don’t know. But I’m already beginning to wonder, since she refers to herself as the Queen, if there’s a familial relationship brewing. I don’t think we know what happened to Ollie’s mother, and maybe Ollie’s dad had a wandering eye just like his son. Things are definitely curious in Star Wood, and I’m wondering what Green Lantern’s visit is going to do to shake things up.

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