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Comic Book Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 41

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52 takes it to Khandaq for a look at how Renee Montoya’s doing since she’s lost her newest friend, Vic Sage. Renee has some decisions to make, chief of which is what she’ll do with her life from now on. When in doubt, I guess trading punches and kicks with Richard Dragon is the way to go. Maybe having a martial arts master tossing you around is the best remedy to indecisiveness.

There is little doubt that Renee Montoya is going to be the next Question. The fact is being bashed over your head in this episode. I just hope that Renee Montoya retains most of her uniqueness. To only be Question II eliminates a woman who is more interesting as a normal hero instead of a superhero.

In surroundings far less sacred than Nanda Parbat, Ralph Dibny has an uncomfortable encounter with an elderly mad scientist so Dibny can get closer to getting what he wants. Ralph also takes a last look at the room where Dr. T. O. Morrow vanished into thin air, detailing just how Morrow ended up on Oolong island.

We then go to Adam Strange and Starfire facing the dangers of space without Animal Man, who they left and supposedly thought was dead. This is my favorite scene of the entire issue, because of the great moment at the end. I’m not one for spoilerage, but I’ll just say that the Green Lantern corps is an incredibly diverse group.

So it’s three stories for one this week, topped off with some unique art from Joe Benitez. It’s the story of Starfire, with very poofy hair, mind you, but the story of Starfire nonetheless. She looks like she hails from the planet of Long Island, circa 1980, but at least she looks good.

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