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Comic Book Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 35

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It’s not raining cats and dogs in this week of 52. It’s actually raining something a little more disturbing, and Lex Luthor has the most perfect view of it. When it comes to evil, Lex Luthor is a perfect example of villainy. To passively watch people suddenly lose the abilities you have given them, and watch them plummet to the earth, can only mean that your heart is a few sizes too small and made of stone.

During 52, Lex Luthor has been using his Everyman program to give average human beings the power of the metahuman. Luthor’s real goal all along has been revealed to be less than selfless, as he wants to become the man he has grown to hate; he wants to become Superman. The complication comes when Lex Learns that he is not a suitable subject for the very project he spearheaded. That would make me a bit angry, too, but I wouldn’t go as far as Lex does. At the stroke of Midnight, Lex pushes a button and all the newly created metas meet their doom. It’s a horrific calamity that only real heroes can provide assistance for.

Supernova is one of these heroes, and his powers have been unaffected by this mass shutdown. That eliminates the theory that Supernova was a beneficiary of the Everyman Project. However, there are a few others who didn’t lose their powers, and they’re none other than Luthor’s Infinity, Inc. team. That they remaining powered while other Everyman beneficiaries are dead is a big red flag. Natasha, the niece of John Henry Irons, comes to a significant realization that’s too little, too late. Natasha Irons’ future is in doubt, as is the fate of the three heroes in space: Adam Strange, Starfire, and Animal Man.

Lobo finally puts his cards on the table, revealing why he happened upon the three heroes so many weeks ago. It’s showdown time, and the space story may finally come to an end. This week’s 52 was great, and there was so much content for the money that they didn’t even include any hero bios as a back-up feature. This issue is one of the few that made me care about the Steel/Lex/Natasha story, and I’m clamoring for some closure concerning the space heroes.

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