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Comic Book Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 50

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War has never looked so astounding. In a series that has had some cool covers, this is yet another cover I adore completely. The cover has Black Adam standing at the top of rubble with his back to the reader. He is facing a golden collage of everyone who has been involved in 52 so far. Black Adam is in a “come and get it pose” while his cape blows in the wind. As of this moment, I can’t stop looking at this cover.

Alright, enough of admiring the outside of the book. Good artwork does not end on the cover of 52. The penciller this week goes by just one name, Justiniano. I have absolutely no idea who that is or how long they’ve been working in comics, but the art is spectacular. I would expect no less considering that there are only two weeks left until this series comes to an end. Action is what this week is all about, and Black Adam wastes no time on going toe-to-toe with the heavy hitters. The Marvel Family trades punches with Black Adam, but nothing can quell his rage.

From there, Black Adam drills his way through at least three dozen heroes and begs for more. As basically a god powered by magic, there is nothing that can stop Black Adam from killing everyone within range of his fist. There are some great moments, including all of the Great Ten trying their best, a cameo appearance from Booster Gold, and the Justice Society of America versus the new Infinity Inc.

By now, I am of the opinion that you should be a fan of the heel that Black Adam has turned into. If you are not, then issue 50 should turn you around. I have no idea how the 52 team can top this. I think they knew how to ruin it, though. A four part miniseries called World War III came out at the same time as week 50 of 52. My gripe with the four WW III books is that they have more to do with tying up loose ends than they do with the actual war itself. What it does succeed in doing is supplying you with another look at how the war with Black Adam comes to an end. I would say it’s fine to stay away from World War III, but the books do have some value.

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