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Comic Book Review: DC Comics’ 52, Week 47

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I don’t like prophecies. Whenever a prophecy is mentioned on a television show or in fiction, it’s usually a lame plot device. Why does everyone get to be the focus of a prophecy? In 52, Batwoman’s the focal point of a prophecy, and now it might be time for that prophecy to come to pass. Bruno Mannheim, the most despicable human being in DC comics since Lex Luthor, has cooked up this whole plot to build up the criminal underworld based on a book called the Crime Bible. The Crime Bible sounds corny, I know, but this whole Crime Bible has gathered quite a following.

In this issue, Whisper A’ Daire; her wolfman subordinate, Abbot; and Mannehiem are wondering why they could not kill the Batwoman. As they argue, Whisper sees the prophecy from another angle. It’s time to find the twice named daughter of Cain once again.

Week forty-seven is more about heroes than villains, and the theme for this week is milestones. Animal Man has made it to a major milestone in his life, and he has become so much more important as a character to me. He has stretched the limits of his power, and it has worked in his favor. Now all he has to do is find a way home, before his marriage is ruined!

Back on the good, green Earth, John Henry Irons and his niece, Natasha Irons, have reached a milestone in their relationship. From betrayal and bickering and their differences in opinion, they have rebuilt their relationship, and they have also won me over after being part of a 52 storyline that wasn’t that interesting. Now, I will be following John Henry and Natasha Irons wherever they show up.

The most amazing journey, I believe, is the one of former Gotham PD officer Renee Montoya who went from being a god cop who bore personal demons, a woman who suffered through loss, to a woman who has taken on the mantle of another friend who died too soon. What the future holds for Renee Montoya I don’t know, but I have loved the character since I saw her on “Batman: The Animated Series.” I don’t think I’ve ever hated her. 52 has increased her relevancy, and I hope this leads to greater popularity as a character further on. It will take me a while to accept her as a superhero, as the Question, but, if that keeps a spotlight on her, I’m for it.

Week 47 is a reminder that this ride is nearly over, and it’s almost time for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to return; what’s great about that is that many heroes stepped up and have proven that they matter in the DC Universe.

The Back-up (they’re back?) this week is of the Teen Titans. This is some magnificent, cartoony art from Karl Kerschel, who I’ve never heard of before. This is the type of art I would love to see in a cartoon about the Teen Titans. That is, on another Teen Titans cartoon series. If not a TV show, I’ll settle for a series of issues drawn by Kerschel.

I don’t want to go before noting that Giuseppe (I’m glad I don’t have to pronounce that name out loud) Camuncoli, Lorenzo Ruggiero, et al, made a great art team on 52. I’ll be looking at other titles for their names from now on.

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