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Comic Book Review: Battlesmash Vs The Saucermen from Venus by Dale Mettam

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I’ve been sitting on this copy of Viper Comics luchador starring comic Battlesmash for a while and even though it’s not scheduled for release until later this month I feel people need to know how awesome Battlesmash VS. The Saucermen From Venus is now.

Writer Dale Mettam’s story is hilarious as it’s filled with lots of jokes and little bits of observational commentary that really works in this fun little comic.

The story begins with our team of non-superpowered heroes dangling from Big Ben as the saucermen from Venus lay waste to the city. It then zips along at a tremendous pace as it shows just how the team ended up in such a predicament, and in the process giving you an insight into the quirks of each member, before arriving at the ultimate showdown.

Mettam’s writing shows that an all-ages tag doesn’t affect the quality of the story or humor one bit, in fact it almost benefits from it. At times it feels like a group of friends sitting around talking comics and pointing out some of the obvious conventions of the medium, like constant evil plans for world domination and where villains get their ridiculous names from, and making fun of them.

It just feels that natural and it’s obviously benefited by the ridiculous premise of luchador heroes battling saucermen from Venus who are controlled by the Evil Dr. Brain, the child of Mr and Mrs Brain. There’s just something about Battlesmash which makes it hard for you not to enjoy it, either its great dialogue, which isn’t scared to make fun of itself or comics as whole or the crazy story which at no point takes itself seriously.

It’s an added bonus then that the artwork really helps the story. It’s bright and vibrant with a lot of color and a design choice which makes it look something like a Saturday morning cartoon, a choice that works superbly with the crazy story and characters.

Also if you are a fan of the overuse of onomatopoeia then Battlesmash is the comic for you. There are many instances were words like Ka-Foom or an elongated Yaaugh dominate the panel and you can’t help but think of the classic 60’s Batman or, more so, The Simpsons mocking of 60’s Batman with its 60’s Radioactive Man where it was used excessively to a point that it was quite fun.

It all comes together to reinforce the idea that this is a fun, almost silly comic that you can sit down with and breeze through while having a good time and never have to think too seriously about.

Overall Battlesmash is an outrageously funny comic. The way it effortlessly pokes fun at itself and the wider super-hero genre is enough to make you want to read it again and again, which you definitely should! Throw in some good artwork and an outrageous story and you certainly can’t go wrong if you pick up Battlesmash VS The Saucermen From Venus. All I can say is I’m hoping there’s more to come.

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