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Comedy Review: Jeff Dunham in Salina, Kansas

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Fans poured into the Salina Bicentennial center all wanting to see famed comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Wading through the thick lines and extremely tight security, fans made their way into the midway and found the seats. All sorts of refreshments, both alcoholic and non, were available to anyone wishing to partake.

Starting a few minutes late, fans of comedy were pleased to welcome Jason Dixon, a comic who spent time in Kansas City but recently moved to Los Angeles. Dixon warmed the crowd up well as he started by asking the audience if they thought he was gay. Needles to say, just to be ornery, there was loud whooping and cheering. Keeping the crowd laughing throughout his entire routine, he poked fun at the size of the mall in Salina and the overall lack of terrain in Kansas.

At one point he made the comment about the surprising amount of astronauts coming from Kansas, although when he thought about it he understood why. "If you grew up in a small ass town in Kansas, you would want to get as far away from it as you could, too!"

Dixon left the stage to huge applause that only got louder when Dunham was announced. Graciously accepting the applause, Dunham broke straight into his routine. Telling funny stories about his dogs and what he and his daughter do to torment them, Dunham eventually brings out the ones everyone wants to see. Reaching inside his storage chest, Dunham was joined by the grumpiest of old men: Walter.

Walter immediately launches into his tirade about everything. He gripes about his wife ("They say marriage is forever; mine’s taking too long"). He gripes about security in the airport and how they always want to look into the trunk. He and Dunham have fun with security: "They open the trunk and I pop out and say ‘Close the door!’" Of course Walter also rips into Dunham about owning a Toyato Prious, saying that when it drives past it makes a sound like “IIIIIIIIII’MMMMM gay."

After being called a dumbass several times and poking fun about suicide bombers, Dunham eventually puts Walter away and out comes Achmed, the dead suicide bomber, who talks about the infidels. When people laugh at his comments Achmed screams "Silence! I'll kill you," and raises his eyebrows up in a menacing stare, as menacing as a puppet can get.

Being just a skeleton with a pair of underwear as a turban — the last thing that went through his brain was his ass — Achmed constantly yells at Dunham to fix his foot. Achmed confesses to the crowd that his biggest fear is Walter (and then we hear Walter respond form the trunk, "Dumbass!"). Achmed is also afraid he was not a very good suicide bomber, admitting he was killed after answering his cell phone while filling up his gas tank.

Achmed finishes his time on stage before the quite nerdy Melvin the Superhero guy joins the routine. Melvin and Dunham enter into an exchange about which superhero Melvin is most like. When asked if he was like Superman and if he could stop a speeding bullet, Melvin replies, "Once; it hurts like hell." As the crowd laughs at Melvin’s responses, he tells them in his high-pitched voice to shut up.

He tells the crowd that his biggest enemy is his wife – once a month when she turns "evil." Wearing a purple and yellow costume, Melvin claims that the big D on his chest stands for his theme song (da dada DA!).

Eventually Melvin is put away and out comes the purple woozle "on crack," Peanut. Peanut is met with huge applause as he, like Walter, proceeds to degrade Dunham. Peanut even insinuates that he is sleeping with Dunham’s wife. After berating Dunham about all things (his car and his web site), Dunham and Peanut are joined by Jose Jalapeno.

For more than ten minutes the three argue about Jose's immigration status. Jose eventually tells Dunham and Peanut that his "green card" is in his other stick. This has Peanut looking under Jose and freaking out about how the stick is placed in him.

Brought to Salina by BR Promotion, Dunham announced at the end of the show that he was filming his new DVD. The routine fans had just observed is destined to be on his newest effort. The crowd cheered and hollered as Dunham bowed many times.

Eventually Dunham showed his improved skills as he told the audience that he would bring Walter back on stage if they would like to ask him a few questions. Welcoming Walter back with a standing ovation, questions began to fly at the bitter old man. Walter stayed true to character and answered every question in his bitter, often sarcastic manner.

As the audience began to filter out of the Bicentennial Center, laughter could still be heard as people began reflecting on what they had heard and seen. Dunham is an amazing talent with skills as a ventriloquist to which very few would be able to compare.

The audience was made up of fans both young and old. His quick wit and fairly clean show had everyone laughing hysterically. Dunham showed no fear as he used his puppets to make fun of himself. A quality comedian, Dunham stayed away from major racial slander, politics, and religion.

Dunham was complemented well with Dixon as the opening act. If Dixon continues with Dunham, the two are sure to thrill fans everywhere as they finish the tour.

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  • Patricia Ann van Zyl

    I bought the DVD “Arguing with myself”. It is absolutely WONDERFUL! Jeff has a very keen sense of observation to be able to truthfully bring the characters across! Well done! 76 mins of GREAT entertainment. Patricia – South Africa

  • rabbit

    aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    I’ve never heard of a Toyato Prious.