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Comedy CD Review: Larry the Cable Guy – Christmastime in Larryland

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Christmastime in Larryland is the latest comedy collection by Larry the Cable Guy. He tells the audience in his opening monologue and introduction that he always loved those old-fashioned Christmas shows and he wonders what it would be like to do one. Larry sets out to "Git er done."

Larry's typical and irreverent redneck humor is intact, along with his politically incorrect repertoire. Larry makes some excellent points regarding gifts and traditions. His questions on why people give fruitcake as a gift and how the Pepperidge Farm gift became part of the holidays are questions I'm sure we all need answered.

The eulogy for the man who invented the laugh track is another stand out on the CD. The monologues are punctuated by old-fashioned radio show style advertisements. Of these, the 1-900 advertisement on the CD is probably the best, making fun of anyone who thinks they're calling a 1-900 number to talk with a super model.

Those highlights aside, this Christmas CD, while appealing to longtime Larry fans probably won't win over anyone who isn't one of those fans already. I fall into that non-fan category. The highlights above are the tracks on the CD that got me to chuckle or laugh. Three out of twenty tracks, in case you're counting. I was.

Redneck humor is definitely an acquired taste. While I can see where Larry is coming from on some of the tracks, I find his use of stereotypes and perpetuation of them just isn't funny. Throwing Christmas into the mix with this just made Christmas seem dirty.

Despite the happy cover and Christmas just around the corner, parents should note this CD contains adult material and shouldn't be something you put in the kid's stockings this year.

Christmastime in Larryland is a definite must for fans of Larry the Cable Guy. You'll love it. If you aren't a fan, you should probably look somewhere else for your holiday cheer.

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  • steveo

    I’m a fan of his and have heard just about everything he’s put out on CDs. I did not like this one, tho. First off, it is not live. It’s all recordings and then mixed. It’s quite obvious. It just wasn’t very funny. Same your money.