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Come on in, the water’s fine

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Today I received from the Indiana Secretary of State’s office State Form 46433, a Candidate Filing Confirmation. This makes it official: I am the certified Libertarian Party of Indiana candidate for US Senate this fall against Senator Evan Bayh.

I now have a Barger for Senate bank account, and an official campaign website. Let the games begin.

Now comes the challenge: Why don’t some of y’all run for office? It’s not that difficult to do. I would encourage anyone with strong political beliefs to do it. Mostly the Republicans and Democrats are set, but there are still plenty of opportunities to run as an independent or third party candidate. Some of a more rightish outlook might want to talk to your local state Libertarian party.

I especially, however, want to encourage some of you left wingnuts to put your socialist asses on the line. The obvious thing would be to go to your local state Green party. They have automatic ballot access in pretty many states.

Let me emphasize that you should be doing this right away, as filing deadlines are whizzing by. They vary by state, but for example, in Indiana the last date to fill ballot vacancies in July 5. It might be sooner or later in other states.

Again, it’s not necessarily that difficult. If you’ve got a party with ballot status, it may be as simple as a couple of phone calls and signing a form. By the way, I find that in Indiana, running for federal office actual involves much less paperwork than for any state level office.

Some of the leftish variety around Blogcritics chronically complain that the site is supposedly “dominated” by the evil VRWC. If so, it is because we’re willing to actually DO SOMETHING. Brian Flemming pranced about for a second talking about running for governor — but he wouldn’t really do it, and apparently just wanted to sling a bit of spiteful mud at soon to be governor Schwarzenegger.

I’ve committed to actually DOING IT. Like my hero Bob Roberts, I say that the times, they are a-changin’ back — and I’m going to help do the changing. Any idiot can bitch about the government, but actually running for office suggests that you’re serious.

You want to rant yourself blue in the face about how Dubya is the devil, and the government doesn’t steal near enough of our money in taxes? People in general and Al Barger in particular will take you much more seriously if you’ve got the SACK to put your name on the ballot when you say it. Even with little money, being a candidate will give you a much bigger opportunity to get your two cents in than anybody gets merely by voting.

We haven’t had any big discussions on the topic, but our beloved uber Blogcritic Eric Olsen would certainly give other Blogcritics the same considerations as me, and I will be happy to give some pointers from my experience as well.

So then — Calling all Blogcritic pinkos: come on in, the water’s fine.

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  • Sorry, Al, I’ve already voted in the advance poll, and you weren’t on the ballot for this riding for Parliament.

    Just curious though, when you get your confirmation form, do they insist on doing the circumcision right there? Or can you bring your own Moil?

  • Thought so.

    Bullshit suits you perfectly. Thanks for proving my point.

    No one was asking you to have “computer skills” so don’t even try to make it something that its not. I asked you to write your great insights, put your “originality” and great depth up for the world to see. You have declined.

    From here on out, everything you have to say shall be ignored. I asked you to “put up”. You bailed. Don’t have time for megalomaniacs who think that they are spouting some sort of “insight”.

  • Tek, sweetie.

    Listen. I don’t have any intelligence, perceived or otherwise, and I’ve never said I could do anything better. I don’t challenge people on their computer skills or something silly like that, I challenge them when they make absurd claims they can’t defend.

    If you look at the comments I’ve made on various topics in the past couple of days — Obama vs. Ryan, Lollapalooza, NBA, McCain and the Kerry VP race — I’ve basically written extensive blogs (whatever that means). I just don’t put them on a separate webpage that says it’s MY blog, but I don’t really know that I have the time or energy to need something that’s my own webpage that I’d have to contribute to regularly.

    I was being ironic with the “hood rat” speak … look irony up in that dictionary of yours, baby.

    I don’t know what WordPress even means. If I’m interested in writing regularly (although I have no idea what my audience would even be), I will take you or that other guy who offered to take my primitive writing and make a blog of it up on your generous offers.
    I really do appreciate that. Thanks.

    Why can’t everyone just admit they love me? Everyone’s so bad at this mock offense thing.

    OK, being nice makes me feel unclean.

    That is all.

  • Bob A. Bullshit,

    Why don’t you put your money, your reputation, and your perceived intelligence where your mouth is.

    All you can do is sit in the dark of the peanut gallery and piss and bitch and moan. “I could do this better. I am so much more intelligent. You all suck.” Yet you don’t offer up a blog of your own, I don’t see your running anything besides your MOUTH. I’ve seen no proof of this “intelligence” that you claim to have.

    But then again, what would I expect off a wannabe who would use the phrase “off the chain”. Please, boy, please… how pathetic is that? You might want to lay off some of that “hood speak”.

    Just curious… do you have a lot of “bling” to impress your “bitches” with as well? Are you a “thug-4-life”?

    I just find it amusing when an anona-nobody wants to pitch pebbles from under a rock.

    IF you can do better, I say… let’s see it.

    Hell, I’ll even be NICE to you and offer you some FREE web space and a WordPress installation. After that you can write whatever you like, have your own forum to spout your o-so-great wisdom. And I am known to be VERY FAIR and allow anything on the sites that I host so don’t even say “no” because you think I am going to “edit” what you say.

    So here we go… I give you the opportunity to “prove” yourself at no cost to you. Let’s see what you got, Mr. Bullshit.

    Keep hiding under a rock, or start a blog… Up to you.

  • Creepy … just creepy.

    Stop indulging people’s infantile fantasies. It costs thousands of thousands of dollars and a fairly impressive resume and network of supporters in local politics to even win an alderman’s seat, much less the Presidency. That’s closer to the mark for most of you, though — you could certainly have a chance at winning election to a school board or town board of directors or suburban city council. Or if you’re really serious about becoming a serious politician, go work as a staffer for local politicians and get the vote out and work your way up. If you’re in college, intern for your Congressman in Washington.

    Or save your money to leave the country if that’s a dream of yours. Yes, they’re more willing to elect freaks in Italy. America’s funny like that — you have to have something to SAY other than “Bush sucks, America sucks, sex sells, the Middle East sure is scary.”

    I respect the complete lack of self-respect required to put oneself out there for a national race where one will be virtually invisible, but to encourage this childishness on the part of others who are also completely unqualified to serve is silly. Chances are, Evan Bayh and his Republican opponent probably will not even know your name, much less any of your positions, by November. They won’t even know you as “the goof with the beret.”

    Again, getting involved in politics is good; presenting your perversions (see the calendar and sex scandal comments above) and bizarre views on race and policy to the world is bad. I can imagine that the only minor attention you could possibly ever get in this race will be for something very negative and I hope you’ll conduct yourself with some dignity.

    Good luck.

  • Ms Tek- You could ask a legal beagle, but I’m 99.9% sure that a dual citizenship would not be any legal issue at all for a native born American citizen.

    There’s also the question of goals in running. A third party candidate with no money would not likely be elected. The odds of me beating Evan Bayh are, to put it mildly, slim. However, I will get my two cents in, and perhaps have some influence on the terms of debate.

    Chicago politics are corrupt? How better to make that point than as a candidate?

    Plus, I bet you could raise a bit of money. For one thing, you could do your own equivalent to the Ladies of Liberty calender.

    And if that were not enough of one, I’d guess that you could quickly and easily generate however much of a sex scandal you feel the need for.

  • 1. Too young for Senate yet. Don’t want to go the house. Chicago alderman? Please… Chicago is ALL ABOUT NEPOTISM. Hell, all of Illinois state politics is. Give me a year and a half and I’ll think about it. I want to move out of Illinois anyway if I can’t move out of the country.

    2. Too poor. When I have some steady incom, then I’ll think about spending some on some keen stickers heading down to kinko’s for some flyers and arraging publicity stunts.

    3. Don’t have a good enough sex scandal or skeleton yet. People would only be able to find pics of me holding my tits, maybe topless if they are lucky and find out some shit about my family- which I have no control over.

    4. Want dual citizenship more than anything else right now.

    5. Need to make a stop in Italy to ask how those Italian Porn Stars are so successful at getting public office.

    Now here is a good question:

    Could someone who has dual citizenship, thier first and birth citizenship be president of the United States? I’m thinking no because the question of loyality would come up. Logic dictates that most people get dual citizenship to either stay with a spouse or for some sort of personal benefit. If this is the case I don’t think that would mean that a leader would sell out the US as that to be president has too many kick backs in itself.

    Hello… Get air force one ready… I’m going to tahiti and I’ll just email and fed ex all the bills I need to write/sign.

    But yes, I have said before that I would run if I am still here- and I will. But I also have a nice fantasy about owning farm up in the wilds of scotland so its hard to decide.

  • Ms Tek, you most certainly are NOT introverted- and you certainly have strong political opinions. You would make a highly interesting candidate for congress.

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    Pacifistism sucks. Even God in the Old Testament participated in a little war. Oh well. Let’s go occupy another undeveloped country in the name of America.

  • Mark,

    Fuck the suit. Just be yourself.



  • very good ideas al, seriously.

    however, i forgot one thing: i’m extremely introverted.

  • Mark- Run anyway. Just exactly that you think your pacifistic views are not carrying the weight in public opinion that you think they should is the best reason to run. That’s a lot of the point of third party politics- getting your two cents in, even when you know you’re expressing a minority viewpoint.

    You might change a few minds, or give an outlet for others to vote for your viewpoint — and there might be more of them than you know.

    Also, you as, say, a Green Party candidate might tend to draw the Democrat back to the left a little, rather than risking you drawing even, say, 5% and costing him his seat in a close election.

    Keeping the major parties honest (or at least not quite as crooked) is a classic function of third parties. From my side of the aisle, Republicans should be starting to get a hint that they’d best not get too mushy with a Libertarian on the ballot.

    We’ve cost the Republicans several congressional and senate seats in the last few years. Some RINO supports some more idiot gun control, or expansions of the welfare state, a couple or three percent defecting to us can and has cost seats.

    It’s one thing for you to just write a letter to the editor saying you don’t like the Democrats supporting the war. Yeah, whatever. What are you going to do, vote Republican?

    If, on the other hand, you’re actually on the ballot as an anti-war candidate, that might give Mr. Democrat pause.

    As to owning a suit, that’s no excuse. Even if you’re not doing much in the way of public appearances to need a suit, you get a name on the ballot, and you fill out all the candidate surveys for the papers and such. Plus, I bet we could raise you at least a couple hundred bucks at Blogcritics for a suit.

    It would be good, however, to try to avoid the F-bomb in public. Even that, though, is not that big a deal for a peacenik pinko. I doubt your likely audience would really be that turned off. Even big time mainstream candidate John Kerry has had very little negative reaction to repeatedly using the term, even in writing on the official campaign website.

    In short, JUST DO IT. Really.

  • Antfreeze

    As a part-time pinko myself I’m a little ambivalent about Al’s candidacy, but then I remember he hasn’t got a prayer in the election and I feel a little better. Good luck and congratulations anyway Albert.

  • sorry al, i can’t run because:

    1. i don’t own a suit
    2. i’m too pacifist (heck, in this country, one little molecule of pacifism disqualifies you)
    3. i’d drop on F-bomb on the first day and that’d be the end of me

  • Eric Olsen

    I would call running for the U.S. Senate very much in line with having a life. And no party is irrelevant – if it’s what you believe, it’s what you believe.

    Regardless of agreement on specific issues, I would think ANYONE could appreciate the gumption and commitment required to run for national office and offer respect – even if grudging – for same.

    And as I have said, I would certainly say the same about any Blogcritics who ran for office.

  • Because Al eats babies.

    Why don’t you volunteer as campaign manager, BB? You can organize that busy slate of D & D games.

    Why no answer on the Cosby discussion, Al? That’s what I thought. Good thing you won’t get in any debates, because you’d have a hard time defending your silly claims.

    Anyone who fancies running for office under an irrelevant party needs to get a life. You’d be better off volunteering in a real campaign, doing grassroots organizing for the causes you care about, or doing something realistic and not childish like running for a local office. There’s a lot you can do on a city council or on a school board to improve your local communities rather than blustering until your big fat face gets red about taxes, guns, and national security when no one will hear you. I do support third party efforts in local elections, where seats are winnable. If you’re serious about boosting your ridiculous cult, focus on local elections and win some so you have state-wide credibility.

    That is all.

  • BB

    Give me Liberty… OR Give me Al!!!

    Hey Al, why aren’t you kissin’ babies instead of wasting your time writin’? You need a good campaign manager to keep you focussed.

    But you do make a point. Everybody should run for office at least once in a lifetime. It certainly opens your eyes about politics and the real world. Have the courage to put it on the line or kindly shut up.