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Columbus Clippers Fried Up Some Rochester Red Wings, 10-3

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Monday night, the Clippers had their highest attendance in Huntington Park to date with 12,223. This was their 13th sellout in 30 games. Tuesday night, while they didn’t meet that total, Huntington Park had an impressive 9,666 people. These totals allow Columbus to have the highest attendance in the entire Minor Leagues, with an average of 9,294 people at each game; with a sellout at 10,100 people, this is an impressive average.

With all of these adoring fans watching on, the Clippers wanted to show them a good time – and they did. The game started off slowly, as both Columbus and Rochester had a four-batter first inning. Columbus then held Rochester to only four again in the second. Rochester, on the other hand, had a problem holding Columbus, as both Jordan Brown and Damaso Espino were able to wrap around the bases and chalk up runs.

Though the Red Wings were able to stop the bleeding, they had no idea what was in store for them during the fourth. Starting with Andy Marte, the Clippers dominated this inning. Marte swung on a fastball and sent it into the deep left-field bleachers. After two quick outs, it looked as though this inning was over. But It wasn’t, as the next five batters were able to score on various errors, wild pitches, and outright off plays. The oddest was when Tony Graffanino hit what should have been an out – instead, an error in the pickle-attempt allowed Tony to get on second and Michael Brantley to get to first. After only seven runs, the Red Wings were able to get that third out.

During the sixth and seventh innings, a slew of changes by the Red Wings sent everybody in the pressbox into panic mode. They started by switching catchers, from Drew Butera to Tommy Watkins, who had never caught in his life. They then switched around various other players in their outfield. This sent all of us in the pressbox scurrying around, as we tried to identify everybody and update our sheets. The scoreboard was also confused, and it reflected that by being wrong for the next two innings. This was amusing, however, as it led to one drunken and loud fan taunting the player by the wrong name.

After all of this turmoil, the Red Wings decided to try and make a comeback. Justin Hubor (the player the fan was trying to taunt) hit a home run that knocked in both Alexi Casilla and Watkins. This meager attempt at a rally proved fruitless as the Clippers shut them down for the rest of the game. This win stops a three-game losing streak by Columbus, and keeps them only 2.5 games down from Louisville for divisional lead.

The Great Race
In today’s running of the Sugardale Hotdogs, the winner came as no surprise; normally, when there is a “setup” action, that person wins the race. In this case, all three wieners came out of the wall at the same time, and they were all jogging. Then, Ketchup stopped, did a little stretching, and waited until Relish and Mustard were a good 20 yards ahead. He took off, and promptly sprinted towards the end. Obviously, the dog with a red streak won the game, making the current count Relish 2, Ketchup 1, and Mustard 0 of games I have attended.

W: Chuck Lofgren (2-2), 7.0 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 4 BB, 2 SO
L: Kevin Mulvey (3-4), 3.2 IP, 10 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 3 SO

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