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College Football Officiating Leadership Changes Set

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High profile NCAA football referee Steve Shaw has worked his last game on the field. The Rose Bowl last week was the last time college football fans could see a game called by the man many often refer to as the best referee in the NCAA, and certainly in the SEC.

The NCAA announced yesterday, January 4, that national coordinator of College Football Officiating, Dave Parry, is retiring. Rogers Redding, the SEC’s coordinator of officials since 2006, will fill the vacancy. Shaw, a Birmingham resident (pictured at right) and graduate of the University of Alabama will replace Redding.

Since 1995, football fans in the SEC have often given a collective sigh of relief when they see Shaw and his crew take the field. He’s called eight BCS bowl games and numerous “big” games in the Southeastern Conference. The BellSouth manager will now be working with all the SEC officials rather than just his seven-man crew. He has also served as president of the SEC Football Officials Association. Last year, he was interviewed by Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News.

Parry is retiring due to health concerns after having been in his position for 15 years. He’s enthusiastic about his successor, saying, “Rogers will be great. He’s the (NCAA) rules editor. He’s very knowledgeable. Great track record. Outstanding referee himself. He’s highly respected and regarded by people in the officiating business. I’m very happy and proud that he’s going to be the guy replacing me.”

Parry was interested in organizing regional officiating crews and eliminating conference-specific crews in an effort to bolster neutrality. While not dismissing the idea completely, Redding said that it is “on the back burner.”

These appointments begin February 1, 2011.

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  • Judy S.

    My comment is about the SEC official in the booth up stairs at the Sugar Bowl Game. I reviewed my DVR recording of the game and feel the over turn made by the official on the touch down of # 19 of Virginia Tech, was a truely WRONGE! The referees on the field called it a Touch Down and even the annoucers agreed that out of all the calls made during that game, that one should STAND. (TOUCH DOWN)

  • Peter M.

    Wow fare calling, did anyone see the rose bowl last year? As far as im concerned his calls in that game were to secure his job.

  • Dylan B.

    I am very happy that Steve Shaw will be the new head of officiating for the SEC. I am disappointed he will no longer be in action on the field though, as he is definitely the best Ref in the SEC. Hopefully his leadership will be seen within every officiating crew going forward. I am glad Rogers Redding is gone. He was awful! But I’m a bit concerned that he is now the head NCAA official.

  • Jason Nicoson

    I am a huge Gator fan and I am very familar with Steve Shaw. He has reffed alot of the gator games and several of the SEC championship games. The one thing that you knew when you seen Steve shaw walk on the field was that it was going to be some fare calling. I can’t remember a time when anyone even questioned his rulings. I hope i speak for everyone when I say thank you steve! You will be very missed.