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College Comity Launches Its Volunteer Initiative

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College Comity is currently working on a plan to educate every college/university student on local, national, and international volunteer opportunities available to them. We have just started and are looking for any support at all, it does not matter if you’re a multinational corporation or just the common man.

My plan is to gain 1. Sponsorship – Corporate or Non, 2. University/College participation, 3. Community and Student involvement.

One of my plans, which is pretty far out there, is to replicate the Live 8 concerts or Warped Tour and shrink it down to a national college level to promote volunteer organizations and the sponsors behind them. Admission could be free just to spread the word.

Another idea would be that admission would be free “if” the attendant signed a contract or agreement with some type of volunteer organization beforehand, and admission is free if the attendant is already a volunteer with a credible organization. Otherwise an admission fee would be charged. The tour could travel all over the United States, to all 50 states, to one or two of the largest universities in each state. The tour destinations could be changed yearly or every other year. Musical artists from all genres could participate in the tour. Booths would be available representing volunteer organizations and sponsors.

It’s a long shot but I think it’s an idea that could catch on as it would represent a great opportunity for corporate sponsors to get their name behind a great initiative.

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  • How about fixing those eight spelling mistakes for starters? 🙂

    Seems like an advertisement / marketing as well, but I’ll leave that to other powers.

  • Eric Olsen

    the post is fine, the spelling errors are not – fixed, but please be sure to edit priot to publication. Thanks

  • Live 8? Does the author mean ‘Live Aid’?


  • no, “Live 8” is correct.

  • Josh Andrews

    Sorry for the all the other mispellings but I think Live 8 is the new deal. Live Aid is the old name for the new Live 8.

  • Eric Olsen

    Live 8

    Everyone should read all the articles in Blogcritics, or at least all the ones I write