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Over the weekend, I caught a showing of Collateral. But, before I get into that, I should talk about the theatre itself.

The showing I saw was in the “club section.” Tickets ran about 25% more, and they had reserved seating. Not to mention that the seats were larger, with more legroom. I don’t know if I would pay the extra amount for the seats in the future, but it was nice this time around (hey, it’s my birthday. What the heck).

I had anticipated the movie for awhile; I’ve enjoyed quite a few of Michael Mann’s films before. This one had all the earmarks of a Mann film — slick, enjoyable to look at, sumptuous production values. The presence of both Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx I saw as necessary evils.

This flick was not a disappointment in this regard. I suppose my greatest criticism would have been the last half an hour or so. The movie just ran out of steam, meandering without knowing how to end. Prior to that, it was a pretty good ride, so long as you didn’t think to hard about it.

Watch time :46.

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