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Collateral Review: Foxx and Pinkett Go On A Wild Cruise

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This movie starts off with a great bang. It’s extremely engaging and we are immediately drawn to the normality and mundanity of Jamie Foxx’s character, a lonely cab driver especially when he develops a small friendship with Annie, Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, which makes what comes next all the more jolting and astounding.

Tom Cruise is excellent and stunning as a hitman who has a certain number of hits to do before the end of the night, and has forced kindly cab driver Jamie Foxx to chauffeur him to each of his hits. I’ve never really been a fan of Tom Cruise because he always seems to do big blockbuster movies, and I’m more of a simple, human movie kind of guy, but he was thoroughly impressive in Collateral and steps out of his safe zone as the heroic protagonist to play someone none of us knew was in his range.

Jamie Foxx’s performance was equally thrilling, adding a very human element to this character and to the piece as a whole. He is the reason we get caught up in the plot in this movie because we care what happens to his character. This is one of what I’m sure is going to be many more great performances from this promising young actor.

Overall, this is a great movie, if you ignore some slow moments in the middle, and a great piece of entertainment for all. Two Thumbs up.

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  • Marty

    What I wanna know is…how did Jamie Foxx get nominated for Best SUPPORTING Actor…when he is the main character in this movie? Lmao…Because Tom is the bigger star? Tsk, Tsk, Academy. Tsk, Tsk.

  • Sandra

    This is actually the only movie (besides Jerry Maguire) that I have ever liked Tom Cruise in.

  • Yeah, I’m not too much of a Tom Cruise fan, either. I just don’t get it.

  • Rayne

    I loved this movie. I thought it was excellent. I wish Jada would do more roles like this

  • He has a cheap intensity that is likable.

  • I wish Jada would just do more roles. I understand you have children, but honestly woman…why don’t you ever work? Your best performance to date was in “Set It Off”, and you haven’t done much since.

  • Yeah, I think Tom’s biggest asset is that he’s charming. Many talented actors who can play serious roles lack that ability.

  • I think Russell Crowe might fit that.