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Colin Farrell In Rehab

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BBC News reports that Colin Farrell has entered rehab. His publicist explained that he is suffering from “exhaustion” and addiction to prescription drugs.

Exhaustion! And oh yeah, drugs. Can’t forget the drugs.

Now why would Colin Farrell, notorious womanizer and party-boy, be tired? Is he tired of drinking? Tired of smoking? Tired of dancing? Tired of women trying to sell videotapes of him having sex with them? No, it must be the rigorous acting schedule!

Colin Farrell is a big movie star, starring in The New World, to be released on Christmas, so he got to finish up shooting on Miami Vice before checking in. Of course.

Had Phone Booth been a bigger hit, perhaps he wouldn’t have turned to drugs. Then again, had Alexander not sucked, maybe he’d be taking more. It’s so hard to say.

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  • Eric Olsen

    I seem to recall that Eminem and Courtney Love were “tired” in very similar ways. Also, knowledge that Colin is only 29 reminds me of a line from Jackson Browne’s version of “Cocaine”:

    “I was talkin to my doctor down at the hospital/He said ‘it says here your 27, but that’s impossible'”

  • Aaman

    And your point in this post is? (Other than sniping at his acting prowess)

  • Yep, why is it that celebs (including MJ, Rush Limbaugh.. quite a diverse group) go the pain pill popping route?

    Good quotage EO, and that age, 27, is a killer! Jimi, Janis, Morrison, Cobain, etc.

  • I never saw Alexander, but I thought he was great in Phone Booth, and even in Daredevil, a movie with otherwise was not so fantastic.

    Earl might have a different answer of his own, but I would ask, “Did you know that Colin Farrell had entered rehab?” If not, you’ve learned something, and that was the point of this article.

  • He was quite good in Tigerland, which is how I think he really made the leap to a-list status.

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of this Irish asshat.

    Yeah, you’re hot and get alot of chicks and you party all the time. We get it bro.

  • I don’t know, he seems like an okay dude who just happened to get really famous to me. It’s easy and even fun to snipe, but let’s say you’re in your early 20s and the whole world bows down at your feet. Would F me up pretty good for a spell, I’d wager, for the good and the bad and the madness of it.

  • Eric Olsen

    plus being Irish and having tattoos and having to be the blond Alexander and stuff

  • These celebrities drive me crazy … which is why I normally pay no attention to them. Which is also why I prefer to pay more attention to politics than entertainment; at least the politicians don’t get paid as much for the crap they dish out.

    Some of us are tired day-to-day from getting our asses out of bed early for work, taking care of a family, getting far less sleep than we should, and still struggling to meet financial responsibilities. Farrell checks into rehab for a drug addiction. Fucking idiot. In no way does it compare to the drudgery the rest of us face day after day, week after week, year after year.

    If only life were as simple for the rest of us.

  • Actually, i think the pressure would be quite overwhelming and the drugs are so readily available that it would take a strong character to turn them down. i’m not saying i would turn to them because i don’t believe i would. Not my thing. But again, the HOllywood pressure is that intense so i don’t think you can disregard that…. No, not everyone succumbs, but a lot do and there is a reason for that and that is availability, money and little repercussion and easy access to clinics.

    Hell, think of Keith Richards getting his blood “washed” several times (true) and having it them replaced.

    More, rehab is almost a badge of honor, the way certain mental hospitals are as well that carry a certain prestige.

  • OK dude? The guy seems like a total jerk.

    I don’t blame him for partying and womanizing with assorted bimbos (cast the first stone, why don’t ya?), but he’s clearly not a smart, sophisticated artist.

    He’s Russell Crowe with an Irish brogue.

    And he’s not that good-looking, either.

    I knew “Alexander” would be a colossal bomb when I saw the preview with that horrible nuclear-egg-yellow dye job. Oliver Stone, who’s a rambling idiot most of the time, decides HE’s going to make a historical epic and decides Alexander HAS to be a blonde all of a sudden?

    That is all.

  • acting with his eyebrows. Dumb shit

  • Its sad, he has such potential to be a great actor, why the good ones always mess it up!