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Colin Cowherd Can Get a Lap For His “Blogger Bash” Routine

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Colin Cowherd – get a lap, sir.

I'll admit from the get-go, I like your show (The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPNRadio) and your topics (particularly the extended football coverage) are  an upgrade over most of the sports-talk drivel. However, his need to consistently assert that people who contribute in the blogosphere "don't matter" is banal and off-base for a guy who liberally sources from multiple sites.

Colin Cowherd's latest shot (around the 3:53 mark) was aimed at BC Sports Editor Matthew Sussman, citing his piece about NBC's repeated showing of the fatal crash that claimed the life of Olympian Nodar Kumaritasvili. Cowherd believes in ratings – period – and he makes no bones about asserting that bloggers are people who "don't get it" on his show.

Really, Colin? Then why on two instances did you find it necessary to use material obtained from "those who don't get it?" Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Are all blogs relevant, trustworthy news sites? No, I wouldn't be so bold. However, Colin, you are blind if you still hold on to this belief that online "media" (loosely applied term) doesn't matter. I interviewed David Wasson, former Sports Editor of The Tuscaloosa News and he relayed a story from his days about how online content was not only monitored but was instrumental in helping uncover a major story in University of Alabama athletics.

“The Mike Price thing happened online before it got out (in the mainstream news),” Wasson said. “We were reading all about that before it was official. I used to monitor various online sources because it gave me access to what people were talking about,” Wasson said. “It was a way for us to get a feel for what people think.”

Colin, your own utilization of primarily online sources (since your multiple reprimands by the suits at ESPN) is further proof that mainstream media pays close attention to those sites.

So, what's the big deal? Your latest attack is further proof to the notion that "mainstream media" is scared of people who do actual research and form opinions because, even if it is in just some small way, it distracts viewers/readers from their sites. It means people want more than one source of opinion before deciding on their own or want a forum to discuss these issues where they aren't met by the heavy-handedness of the Colin Cowherds of the world.

You are a good provocateur and generally, you bring a point of view "the worldwide leader" generally lacks. However, your need to utilize and yet, criticize a viable form of outlet, information, and discussion smacks of insecurity.

Try and not strain a hamstring taking your lap, sir.

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