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Coheed & Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

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The first real track of this album is over eight minutes long. The last two are over nine. Each track is done so well you don’t even realize that this is an album of epic songs.

If you take the modern sound of psuedo-progressive hardcore and match it with two parts of Geddy Lee-esque vocals you have Coheed and Cambria. Of course, that’s only in the most simplistic terms. An album like this, filled with competent singing and legend-like song writing deserves so much more than a cheap reference to Rush.

This is not an album of “fall down” guitar players and spastic vocal screaming – more like a wide-screen classic, with surround sound, and free drinks. Everything is expansive but not in a cheap, “studio tricks”, kind of way. Production is tight, but not so tight it sounds like plastic. Everything breathes and has life, taking a huge amount of clever lyrics and big guitars in the process. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 is top notch; catchy and progressive, yet holding enough integrity to make it all worthwhile.

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  • Robert Brandt

    One of the more informed-sounding reviews I’ve seen on this record yet. Thanks!

  • I call it “punk-prog,” because they’re clearly taking some influences from pop-punk groups and melding them with the expansiveness of prog and metal – and leaving behind the overblown properties of both, thankfully. I could do without the shorter tracks, actually – they just sound like the throwaway tracks needed to get them some airplay. They’re similar in some respects to Mars Volta, but not as downright, flat-out weird. I prefer MV to C&C, but this is a band that shows some serious potential for the future.