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Coalition Pushed “Sorry Works!”

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According to the American Medical News, February 7, 2004, Tanya Albert writes:

“A new coalition of patients, attorneys, doctors and hospitals across the nation has an indea to keep liability costs and medical erros down at the same time.

The group is called the Sorry Works! Coalition. It’s members desrcibe the idea like this:

– Hospitals and physicians review every adverse event.
– Hospital administrators and physicians sit down with patients and families to explain what happened.
– The hospital and the doctor apologize if a mistake was made and offer the patient or family fair compensation if the investigation finds there was a medical error. They explain how the problem will be corrected.

It’s beyond the commonly called ‘I’m Sorry’ laws that several states have passed in recent years that allow doctors to apologize without it being used against them in court as admitting liability.

Organizers believe that the full disclosure and up-front settlements will have a big impact on the medical liability climate.

‘More patients get justice; there are fewer lawsuits, so it lowers liability costs; it reduces erros in the long run; and the constitution isn’t altered,’ said Doug Wojciezak, and Edwardsville, Ill. resident who founded Sorry Works! ‘It’s truly a middle ground solution.’ ” [End of exerpt]

Yeah, great! And the trial lawyers are going dig this getting rolling aren’t they? Are these folks nuts? The Trial Lawyers of America will unite in a full attack on these well-intended folks, forthwith!

Note to Dorothy: You are not in Kansas any more!

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  • The owners of the Ethan Allen, Shoreline Tours, should take head. Instead of deflecting blame, they should accept responsibility. Only they could have prevented this from happening and the evidence is mounting against them. The families of this tragedy don’t want money. They want justice and to make sure this does not happen again. Saying sorry really does help

  • I’m on spelling and typo patrol today.

    In the post – which allegedly takes more time and thought than most comments – three typos, and one bolloxed sentence near the end.

    And I will sue. 🙂

    Doug, I like your idea. The good doctor here also speaks from experience. From what he’s been telling us in previous posts, he is a working doctor.

  • No, we’re not nuts!

    Trial lawyers can not sue a doctor unless they have an angry person who wants revenge.

    Patients and families become angry when doctors refuse to speak with them after a bad outcome in a hospital and refuse to provide answers. People get even more angry when they suspect a coverup, so they initiate a lawsuit to get answers.

    Medical malpractice lawsuits are filed because of anger, not greed. And this is why sorry really has worked at the University of Michigan Hospital system, the Minneapolis Children’s hospital system, and the Lexington, Kentucky VA hospital, and others.

    Check out our website to learn more: http://www.sorryworks.net.

    Doug Wojcieszak