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CNN about to be towed out of Crawford

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I tend to watch TV news to watch the media, not the “news”. The truth is, what passes for “news” on TV is typically not.

So I loved this moment that happened on CNN’s American Morning today.

Miles “I’m not an anchor” O’Brien was talking to a local official from Crawford, Texas about the disruption being caused by the protests outside of President Bush’s ranch. He wanted to learn more about what kind of problems all the people cause down there in Texas.

But the guy he was talking to broke topic and let Miles know he was inclined to tow away the CNN broadcast truck, which was apparently parked in the roadway.

It’s a 30-second clip, and well worth checking out.

CNN threatened with tow

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  • RJ

    Funny! 🙂

  • Nancy

    ROTFLOL! Oh, if only they would!