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The bloke over at CMU has done a wonderful round-up of all that is going on in the world of the ex-Libertines front-man’s life. Even the Daily Telegraph has noticed the saga his pathetic life. Its amusing to note that NME has nominated the bloke in every catagory for their upcoming awards show.

…Number one: Having been arrested last week on charges of burglary and
blackmail neither Doherty’s management, label or publishing company could get together the somewhat hefty £150,000 bail demanded by Highbury Corner Magistrates Court for his release by end of play Friday, which meant the former Libertine had to spend the weekend behind bars in Pentonville Prison. If only someone had called, we’d have had a whip round – I’m sitting on quite a large jar of coppers here.

Number two: Assuming someone finds a spare 150 grand today (perhaps some of London’s drug dealers could help out – surely an investment in the long term), Doherty, like fellow musician Alan Wass, also facing the same charges, will have to observe a curfew restricting him to his home between the hours of 10pm and 7am. He has also surrendered his passport, will have to report to his local police station each day and will be accompanied by a security firm whenever he leaves his house – which all sounds kinda serious. And kinda irrelevant, this week at least, given that the singer is expected to spend the next five days in a drug rehab centre.

Number three: The BBC have decided to pull the 30 minute programme they had on file dedicated to the Babyshambles man – based primarily around an interview between Doherty and Kirsty Wark, and extract of which appeared on Newsnight before Christmas. No word on when it will be rescheduled.

Number four: An ex-con former friend of Doherty this weekend told the Sunday Mirror that if Doherty is sent to jail over the current charges that he reckons: “Prison will kill him”. Will Brown – who got to know Doherty through their shared interest in, erm, heroin – told the paper: “There’s no way Pete will be able do any serious time. He thinks he’s a hardman – but he’s just a pretty little rich boy. There’ll be a lot of seriously hard bastards who will want to make mincemeat out of him inside. And with his money, he’ll have every skag dealer inside throwing drugs at him until he’s bled dry and out of it. It’s easier to get heroin inside than out and at £80 a gramme he can afford it. I’m seriously worried about what could happen to him. I’m worried he might swing.”

And that’s it – oh, well unless you count the kiss and tell in yesterday’s Sunday Mirror in which another Kate, who had a quick romp with the former Libertine after a gig last year, revealed that there is nothing new about the tattoo the singer is quoted as saying he had done for new girlfriend Kate Moss. Lapdancer Kate Dykes told the paper: “Pete is going around telling everyone he’s had a tattoo with Kate Moss’s initial K as a sign of his love for her. But he’s always had that tattoo – it was the first thing he showed me. He asked me what my name was. When I said Kate he had a big smile on his face and said ‘I just love that name’.”

And that is it. Oh well, unless you count Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell, himself a former heroin addict, telling Time Out: “If you wanna do some good, tell the world that being on drugs is a fucking waste. Y’know, every so often I’ll get off my face, but I look at someone like Peter and I just think, ‘You’re a fucking moron because your music was so much better before you started doing that.’ Y’know, it’s working in the sense that people want to come and look at the car crash. But, although last night was a bad fucking night for me, I am not a fucking car crash. I am here to make music!”

And that is definitely it. Oh well, unless you count the news that Kate Moss has dumped Doherty (again).

And that really is it.

Anyone wanna bet he does “a Cobain”?

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  • martin baxt

    [Deleted] you your just jealous of his talent … with his new album out he will be more succesful than you ever will be [Deleted] get a life and stop trying to make others worse

  • hmmmmmmm. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i can add nothin more.

  • alright i can an will. a fella capable of producing the likes of Albion and I Love You But You’re Green and Time For Heroes, such a soul deserves more than a sneerin “pathetic life” remark. thats all.

  • Thanks Aaron, I almost deleted it completely but then thought Mr Baxt deserved the publicity 😉

  • alienboy, heh, my comment wasn’t directed at Mr Baxt, who i can only assume is a fine, upstanding sort. He obviously knows a thing or two about The Worth of Sir Doherty. i just hadn’t seen this article before, an it baffles an perplexes an disturbs me. hmmmm.