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C’mon Michael, Fill Up A Cup!

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Michael Irvin – one of ESPN’s football talking heads – gets arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, but he says the stuff is not his! As anyone who has ever watched the show COPS knows, the drugs ALWAYS belong to someone else.

Potential NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin – formerly known as “the Playmaker” – got popped for carrying a pot pipe and some plastic bags that contained marijuana residue. The usual denials have followed.

Just like athletes who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs always claim that there is no way that they would ever take anything illegal, and blame tainted legal supplements, Irvin uses the standard version of “doper innocence” when he tells us the pipe and pot dust belong to “a friend.”

Let’s cut to the chase here…Despite Irvin’s contrite and well-rehearsed rehashing of the story – as fellow ESPN’er Stuart Scott ably led him through – there’s only one thing that Irvin can do at this point that would clear his name. And he doesn’t have to rat out his “friend.”

Michael Irvin has to submit to a full battery of drug screening that would include all the good recreational drugs. Urine tests and blood tests. Over and done.

If – as he stated during the “interview” with Scott on ESPN – Irvin really wants to do everything possible to clear his name he should immediately have this drug screening done and make the results public. ESPN could even post the results on their web site.

For a guy with a checkered past – and quite frankly a checkered present – this kind of full disclosure is a must. And let’s remember, Irvin was pulled over because he was being arrested due to an outstanding warrant for speeding. A ticket that Irvin said he thought he had paid.

People forget to pay speeding tickets everyday and usually ignore all resulting legal notices from the court…don’t they? And we won’t even get into the apparent inconsistencies in Irvin’s versions of events.

So let’s forget all of the other nonsense. If Irvin is so interested in clearing his name he’ll have to fill a cup and fill a vial and let all of us read about the results. That may not sound fair, but that’s the price you have to pay when you already have pleaded no contest to felony cocaine possession charges.

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  • I heard on the radio this morning that Irvin said he’s fine with a drug test “as soon as he checks with his lawyer.”

    I lauded ESPN for approaching the subject head on but I bit my lip yesterday because now the entire station is liable if Irvin is just telling stories.

  • RJ

    How long does pot stay in the system?

    Sounds like he’s stalling for time…