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Mainframes gave way to the client-server model of computing and now there is another shift poised to take place. Cloud computing describes a new delivery model for IT services based on the internet, sharing resources and software in a manner similar to an electricity grid.

Cloud computing has been a buzzword in the IT industry for quite some time, but only recently has it gone mainstream. At an enterprise level that means huge savings of capital, and it also has a significant impact on telecommunications. When it comes to telecommunications, ip pbx and hosted pbx services have been increasing in popularity over the past decade and most hosted pbx and ip pbx services move the on premise platform into the cloud and reduce support costs.

There is however some debate over the cloud model vs dedicated servers. The reason for the debate is the reliability and accountability of dedicated servers. Although clouds have been shown to be unreliable in the past, the model is still in its infancy and becoming more reliable as the technologies that support it are advancing and ethernets get faster.

Private Cloud essentially refers to a “cloud” protected by an internal firewall.

With giants like IBM and Google supporting the move to cloud computing and more enterprise solutions customers taking advantage of the savings in capital and manpower, it appears that the cloud will be likely to replace the client-sever model. You’ll find bloggers writing about the future of cloud computing at Boston IP PBX and Hosted IP PBX.

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